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USC looking to hire a few good interns

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council family will be growing with the addition of two adopted members.

A presidential internship and a new USC/Alumni commissionership, are slated to be added to the many different positions already available to students around campus.

USC president Dave Braun, said the intern idea came from a conference at the University of Alberta, where each of the VPs, as well as the president had daily co-ordinators.

"This new position would have many jobs from creating 'Ride with Dave' signs to policy research," Braun said, about the role's benefits.

'Ride with Dave' is a program which will have Braun drive to school in the morning and pick up students looking for a ride and some chat.

U of A student union president Lesley Church, said Western and U of A both have very large student unions that often need a larger staff to handle their inner workings.

"Here, the intern is a paid position, hired for one year, working 30 hours per week in the summer and 20 hours per week during the school year," Church said.

The USC is also welcoming a new USC/Alumni commissionership, something VP-student affairs Chris Sinal said has been in the works all summer.

"Myself and [former VP-Student Affairs] Perry Monaco set it up in order to have a greater relationship with the alumni association," Sinal said.

Sinal added the new commissioner duties and definition have been discussed all summer and will be voted on at tonight's 7 p.m. council meeting.

Director of alumni relations Susan Horvath, said she agrees with Sinal, adding the two groups have been working closely together for the past several years, so a position like this was inevitable.

"Our connection in the past has been with the president and that position is too encompassing to concentrate on any one thing entirely – so it's great that a commissioner job is being formed to take care of all of those relations."

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