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Oz finally taps his ruby shoes

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Oz finally taps his ruby shoes

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

City council's Wizard of Oz is following the yellow-brick road into political retirement

Orlando Zamprogna, nicknamed Oz, has decided not to run again for Board of Control, after nearly a quarter of a century in local politics. "I've been here for a very long time and I think it's nice to go out on a good note."

Zamprogna explained part of his reason was based on frustration at the current process at City Hall. "Every other City Hall is trying to decrease their debt and our City Hall is increasing our own," he said.

Zamprogna thought the fall elections would bring little change to the leadership of the city. "We need leaders more adept at communicating and giving strong direction. We need a clear agenda for what City Council should be doing."

Ward 2 councillor Joe Swan has registered to run for the BoC in the upcoming election. "I think I'm one of the most experienced members of council. With Zamprogna's resignation it is important to fill the position with someone who knows their way around council."

Swan admitted that he has campaigned to disband the BoC in the past. "The size of City Council is too inefficient to run things effectively."

Deputy-Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco, said Zamprogna may have been frustrated with council because they did things in ways that he was not used too. "We have got more accomplished in the last three years than any council before us."

DeCicco said she also disagreed with Zamprogna's view that council was spending money too freely. "We now need to do things like fix our roads and upgrade our sewage system. We now have to spend the money to bring London up to date with other communites."

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