Volume 94, Issue 9

Thursday, September 14, 2000


A sneak peak at Fall Fashions 2000

Sleeker shoes make the outfit

Accessorize your style

Practical hairstyles are gaining popularity

Putting fashion through a spin cycle

Putting fashion through a spin cycle

Maybe your best bet for staying ahead, or at least keeping up with fashion, would be not to throw anything out. If you can reflect on the past couple of years and decades, you will notice an easily predictable trend.

Reduce imagination, reuse old styles and recycle the hot looks of each decade. Trying to revamp your wardrobe for a fresh back-to-school look shouldn't be as hard as it is. Did anyone not notice The Gap's 80's revival this summer? If I had known that pink and turquoise jeans, big hoop earrings and jean jackets would be cool now, I wouldn't have thrown out my wardrobe from 1986.

Also, the hundreds of dollars spent last year on capri pants, cap sleeve shirts and three-quarter length sleeved shirts could have been saved if our moms had only known that their clothes from the mid 60's would be cool again in the 90's.

Men's fashion has gone full circle since the 1950's, where dark jeans and white tees with slick hair made for an irresistible look. What has the past decade brought Western's male population? Little more than a revival of 60's, 70's and 80's looks. From "retro" to "grunge," all we're doing is identifying old news with new names, then calling them new looks.

The runways tread by supermodels bearing famous designer's clothing offer eye-candy for the curious, but little in realistic fashion trends. I have yet to see, in my twenty years of existence, a single woman walking around wearing anything 'Fashion File' as CBC's Newsworld would have you believe.

So where will this decade of fashion find its ideas? How will one attempt to "revive" the 90's, a decade of fashion built entirely upon reviving past decades? What is next? Put a new twist on the 1880's and 90's? Whatever is done, I can guarantee that little will be done that hasn't been done before.

With fashion, history repeats itself and it will inevitably repeat itself again. Don't worry, if you don't think your clothes are cool now, they will be soon, so just wait for it. If you are afraid that some of the evil outfits your mom dressed you in will be cool again, hold on. Don't fear it, fight it.

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