Volume 94, Issue 9

Thursday, September 14, 2000


Some candy ain't no Gummy de Milo

Butler needs a lesson in democracy

Butler needs a lesson in democracy

Re: Vicious Politics Fill Young Heads, Sept. 12

To the Editor:

I think Colin Butler needs to be reminded that Canada is a democratic country. His belief that we "should yield to the will of our employers" sounds like something from a dictatorship, not Canada.

Are we all to lay down and take everything that our bosses want us to do, even if it goes against what past labour leaders have gained for us over the years? The fact is the Ontario government has taken away the power of the boards. It seems that anything that rains down from Queen's Park is the law.

Teachers do care about what is happening to the students, but the only way they are going to be heard is through action. Negotiations with the government have proven frivolous. Teachers have no choice.

Remember that the teachers aren't the ones changing everything. They aren't the ones forcing students to share textbooks and attend overcrowded classrooms. Teachers gave their own time and enjoyed running the after school activities. It was only after the provincial government changes have the problems arisen. The teachers didn't start or want any of this.

I guess Colin hasn't noticed the monthly propaganda that frequents his mailbox concerning Ontario education. If the Ontario government was so concerned about cutting costs, how come they have spent millions on mailing and television commercials during their time in office. I guess if Mike Harris were to meet you Colin and asked you to jump, your response would be "How high Premier?"

James Paul


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