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Thursday, September 14, 2000


Ruggers gearing up for big season

OUA refuses CIAU scholarship ruling

Olympics, Tiger and Pinball

Olympics, Tiger and Pinball

For the first time this year I've decided to get off my ass and talk to you – the Western Sport faithful. I'm hoping to have a little fun with this column this year so don't expect any of that prissy, toeing the border, kind of stuff you expect.

I'd introduce myself to you and tell you my life story but that's neither needed nor relevant.

The title? For any hip hop fans out there you know I copied it from an upcoming album title. Sports is my life, so I know I'll definitely be talking about that this year. Darts is a leisurely sport that is best played and most dangerous, when intoxicated, so I had to include that. As far as the entertainment part goes, that's what I hope to provide you.

So let's begin.

Down with TIGERMANIA!!!

Alright. Just a week ago I was a big Tiger Woods fan because of what he brings to the game of golf. He's an exciting and dominating young athlete in a sport that hasn't had for years.

It's not Tiger I'm sick of, but all the media who are riding him in not only their sports coverage, but front page news as well. My week didn't begin well when I saw Tiger's big-ass teeth on the front ofour national papers.

Is Tiger Woods winning the Bell Open really the most important news in Canada?

No. And I definetly don't need to see daily sections dedicated to the man. It seemed that the sporting world came to a halt this weekend, while papers seemed to send out their entire staff to Glen Abbey, just to make sure they didn't miss the man blinking.

Olympics: Who Cares?

In my younger days every time a leap year came around my heart began to race a little bit faster in anticipation of the Olympics. Olympic billboards, commercials and even those cheap gas station drinking glasses, made the build up to the event almost as exciting as the event itself.

Now, I don't know if it's just that I've lost perception, as my old age sets in but I ain't feeling the way I did during those glory days. The Olympics are no longer a reason for me to use one of my 'find-a-sickness days' to skip school and take in a little ping-pong or curling action.

A big reason is because the International Olympic Committee head honchos have decided professional athletes can best support their expense accounts. The true spirit of the games has always lied with amateur athletes competing for the love of the games. While a few of these people still do exist, the IOC and media have leaned towards showcasing multi-millionaire basketball and tennis players, instead of those who make up the very fabric of sport.

Running back Fabian Rayne for Mustangs football head coach

OK, it'll never happen, but do you know why? Because our football program and most around the world, have a little thing called shame. But don't tell that to the guys in Argo-land.

It's bad enough that as a Canadian Football League supporter, I am the brunt of all jokes, but now I have to deal with this? I love Pinball Clemons, but who in their right mind would allow a player to take over an operation as big as running a professional (excuse me, a former professional) football team?

And you thought the World Wrestling Federation-owned X-treme Football League was a joke.

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