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Band was never scheduled: agent

By Matt Pearson and Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Almost a week after their scheduled appearance at a Homecoming victory party resulted in a no-show, confusion continues to plague the I Mother Earth cancellation, as the band's manager and agent have denied ever booking an appearance.

Although Mark MacLellan, University Students' Council programming and production manager, said he was assured by the rock band's booking agent that I Mother Earth would be playing the Homecoming victory party on September 23, both the band's agent, Tom Kemp and the band's manager, Steve Herman, said the performance was never booked.

MacLellan explained he dealt entirely with Kemp from S.L. Feldman and Associates, a booking agency, which handles all bookings for I Mother Earth. "I have never spoken to Herman, [but] my understanding from the agency was that everything was cool," he said.

MacLellan said he made an offer to Kemp and understood the offer had been passed on to the band.

Despite not having signed any written contract to confirm the band would appear, MacLellan said he was confident the band would still perform. "Normally we'd have a contract in place, but it didn't alarm me," he said.

The offer for a Homecoming performance was made after I Mother Earth cancelled their original Orientation Week performance, he said, adding he was under the impression the band would perform until a Sept. 19 notice from Kemp indicated I Mother Earth could not make the date.

"I was still waiting on the contract when he e-mailed and cancelled," MacLellan said, adding Kemp's e-mail explained the band's lead singer, Brian Byrne was sick with a throat infection.

MacLellan said the selling of tickets touting the performance of I Mother Earth was a calculated risk on the part of the USC.

Kemp said inquiries were made and offers were exchanged between himself and MacLellan, but confirmation of I Mother Earth's Homecoming performance was never entered into their schedule. "We wanted to do it, we pushed for it, the band wanted to do it, but Brian's doctor said no," Kemp said.

Kemp added he did not think MacLellan was not acting maliciously because there was a chance I Mother Earth would play.

Steve Herman, I Mother Earth's manager, said he denied the band was booked for the Homecoming weekend show. "I Mother Earth was never going to play The Wave on Sept. 23," Herman said. "I am pissed off [the USC] were selling tickets to a show that wasn't going to happen.

"Brian became very sick in Quebec so we were forced to cancel a show on the Saturday of Labour Day weekend," he said. "In total, I Mother Earth cancelled seven shows this month. Brian has definitely been very sick. Brian is going to be fine, but he could have suffered permanent damage if he continued to tour."

Herman added the band would not be scheduling any future shows until Byrne fully recovers from his condition.

Chris Sinal, VP-student affairs, said despite the cancellation, he remained confident in MacLellan. "We have every confidence in Mark MacLellan and that he did his best for Homecoming," he said.

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