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USC needs to re-visit autonomy issue

USC needs to re-visit autonomy issue

To the Editor:

Last spring, during the University Students' Council elections, the issue of the student newspaper's autonomy was raised. It turns out that none of the candidates willing to seriously consider the importance of The Gazette's autonomy were elected. Since then, there has been no discussion about the issue.

Of course, the silence is not surprising. As far as I know, the University of Manitoba, Students' Union evicted and de-funded the student newspaper when the paper asked for autonomy. It was a bitter battle that ended only recently. Apparently, the Students' Union was weary of the paper's position to criticize.

And yet, autonomy of any media – student-owned or otherwise – is essential. It's a matter of checks and balances, of free speech and uncontrolled debate. Students' councils should not be able to influence the content of the student newspaper – not by financial means or otherwise.

Instead, the student newspaper should be managed by democratically elected students and should be funded directly by students. The USC should have little to say about how the paper is run, or about how much funding it will receive.

Let's hope the USC will re-visit this issue in the near future.

Sametta Cole

Sociology III

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