Volume 94, Issue 103

Wednesday, April 4, 2001


Put this Tomcat to sleep

And we though we had you at "hello"

Buried Treasure

Former Onyx star starts a solo fire

Film looks for lost heritage

And we though we had you at "hello"

By Sean Maraj
Managing Editor

Movies are famous for action, romance and making people laugh. But one thing that makes a movie unforgettable is what people say on the silver screen. Bored and always willing to occupy someone else's time, here you have my picks for the all-time greatest lines from movies.

1. "Bond, James Bond." – Perhaps the single greatest one-liner of all time. It defines a franchise of films that has existed for three decades, all the while being the favourite thing for guys to say after a one night stand while standing naked infront the bathroom mirror. But more than that, it's cool. I feel cool just saying it, let alone hearing some British guy say it. Damn it, it's so cool.

2. Dirty Harry speech – What list would be complete without Clint Eastwood. Yes, he's the man who truly tamed the West and kicked some serious ass with a .45 Magnum. He has that nasty look, that says "I'm going to kill you, smartass." It is this speech that truly defines what Clint Eastwood is all about. If some guy was pointing a .45 at me, that's what I would want him to say before he pulls the trigger.

3. Casablanca – For all of you out there who have never seen this classic movie, shake your heads in shame. It would be insulting to pick just one line from this movie since they're all so good. Watching this movie is like watching a cliché, as almost every line is great. Man, I feel cool just thinking about Bogart in his fedora talking the talk. Play it again buddy, play it again.

4. "To infinity and beyond." – Who could ever forget these famous words uttered by that lovable yet daring Buzz Lightyear. If I were about to be launched into space on a rocket that's taking me to the vast reaches of the universe to fight the evil forces of Zorg, it's these awe-inspiring words I would like to hear. And to think we owe it all to a cartoon spaceman.

5. "Use the force Luke" – Sometimes, when I'm sitting on the can after a late night meal at Taco Bell, these are the words that run through my mind. People say it, over and over again in almost every conceivable situation. Is there anything it can't do. Hell, I'm using the force right now.

6. "Yippe-kaiya, motherfucker" – You may be wondering why is a Bruce Willis Die Hard quote on my list. Well, think of it this way – say for a moment I was fighting terrorists hell-bent on destroying the world, while also dealing with marital issues. Needless to say, I wouldn't be the happiest camper, and bloody and wounded, you better believe these are the words leaving my mouth as I watch my last bullet hit that crazy bastard between the eyes.

7. "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." – Yes, another classic that has been around for decades. But this is more than just about Dorothy being in Oz. This speaks about the shift of American society from being the land where its values are defined by Smalltown USA, to being commandeered by the capitalist ideals represented by the urbanized city world.

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