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Wednesday, April 4, 2001


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CHRW gets a national nod for excellence

By Tait Simpson
Gazette Staff

Western's campus radio station, CHRW 94.7 FM, received Canada's most prestigious award for student radio last week, their third major award in the past 18 months.

As part of Canadian Music Week, which ended Sunday, CHRW was named the Campus Radio Station of the Year for 2000-01. It marks the second time in six years the station has received the honour.

"We're totally excited about the award," said CHRW program director Tom Everett. "We all knew the station was good, but it's fantastic to get recognized on a national level," he said.

CHRW was first nominated earlier in the year before it was voted the winner by a diverse group of panelists who listened closely to local record company representatives who pushed CHRW as a worthy recipient, Everett said.

He said he was also proud to mention that being nominated is nothing new for the station, as they have been on the short list six of the last nine years.

The station's general manager, Mario Circelli, said he looks at the nominations as the most important sign of the station's long term success. "No one should win every year, but the nominations really say quite a bit about our ability to be consistently strong with the yearly turnover of staff," he said.

The success of CHRW has been constant over the last decade, while management has operated with a budget that is in the lower half of budgets for radio stations at Canadian universities, Circelli said. "We don't think we're doing more with less here. It's the abilities of the people working with us that never cease to amaze me," he said.

Richard Flohil, of Canadian Music Week, said CHRW deserves credit for making a big splash in a relatively small pond. "It's a considerable feat for a university that isn't in a major market like the University of Toronto or the University of British Columbia, to be able to have won this award," Flohil said.

Looking to better serve Western students and the London community, CHRW has been able to make a success of niche programming that offers something for everyone, Circelli said. "Multicultural programming and our urban music shows have really been popular for us this year, while coincidentally being able to differentiate us even more from other stations available in London," he added.

Third-year media, information and technoculture student, Jillian Wellard said despite having heard of CHRW's high quality, she does not take advantage of the station. "I know it's there and I know it's good, but I don't have time to listen," she said.

In the last 18 months, CHRW has also received two other awards for their programming. In June 2000, the station won the Fred Sgambati Media Award and in November CHRW captured the Ontario University Athletics Award, both for outstanding sports coverage.

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