Volume 95, Issue 52

Tuesday, December 4, 2001
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Poo is hilarious

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Poo is hilarious

Re: "Laugh nothing more than raunch," Nov. 28

To the Editor:

What do you truly expect from this year's Laugh?

Hmmm, a sketch comedy revue written, directed and performed by Western students. Would anyone be truly surprised if there were some naughty words? With a title like "Just be offended," who would have guessed?

C'mon Gazette, let's start sending people who know a thing or two about the genre of theatre they are reviewing. As previously exemplified by the review of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, the process is once again repeated with the review of LAUGH.

To inform the uninitiated, comedy is probably the toughest theatre to write and perform. Different styles of comedy, including "potty humour," are quite difficult to craft.

Oh, and on the note of potty humour, just because a sketch has a curse word doesn't mean it is potty humour. Confusing classical Shakespeare names with biologically sexual body parts is not only extremely original, but quite the opposite of a "tiresome" and "intolerable" piece of writing.

In the tradition of all sketch comedy writing and acting, Laugh is bizarre. Well, duh. Has there ever been a Saturday Night Live, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, Mr. Show, SCTV, etc., sketch that made any sense?

You wouldn't send someone who has never seen a basketball game to cover the latest Western basketball team's win, would you? Let's start sending people who have at least some knowledge of the genre of theatre they are assigned to review.

Or maybe next year's Laugh should stick to throwing pies and other outdated vaudeville sketches... at least no one will be offended.

Hunter Somerville

Psychology III

Cast Member, Laugh 2001

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