Volume 95, Issue 52

Tuesday, December 4, 2001
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Story of an ungrateful PC club member

Story of an ungrateful PC club member

Re: "USC endorses Harris and his initiatives," Nov. 29

To the Editor:

The modus operandi of Matt Rae and other campus lefties is becoming all too familiar: plant yourself in the biggest glass house on campus and chuck stones.

Rae neglects to mention in his letter he has been a paid member of the UWO Progressive Conservative club for two years running. In filling out his membership form and paying his $5 membership fee, he is affirming his support for the aims and principles of the PC Party.

He has attended numerous PC club functions including keg parties, guest speakers and a $500 a plate dinner with former prime minister Brian Mulroney as guest speaker for which he was given a free ticket.

These events all cost money to put on! While students paid only $99 to attend the London PC convention, the actual cost per person to the party is $300.

For every student registrant, the party loses $200. It is a price we are happy to pay because it encourages the participation of students in our convention and our policy development process.

The University Students' Council's funding enabled additional students, who may not otherwise have been able to attend the convention, to add their voices to the thousands across the province who are helping shape a brighter future for tomorrow through constructive, meaningful contributions to the political process.

On the other hand, if Matt Rae is unhappy with his membership in our party, I suggest he give up his membership and stop leeching off our

free events.

Dave Forestell

Political Science III

President, Ontario PC Youth Association

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