Volume 95, Issue 52

Tuesday, December 4, 2001
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Maclean's: The sacred ranking

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Maclean's: The sacred ranking

Re: "Another tuition increase at Western?" and "Western must cover Games debt," Nov. 27

To the Editor:

Is it just me or was The Gazette trying to say that students in private programs will be paying for that metal monstrosity that replaced J.W. Little?

Either way, the root of the problem, stated in the first article, remains the same. When I entered Western, tuition for the honours business administration program was around $4,000.

Students finishing that program next year will have to pay $16,000 in tuition for their final year.

But, I now see where the term 'private' program comes from. As the costs go up, it becomes prohibitive to attend these programs. Soon, if not already, these programs will be available only to those whose parents can afford it.

The government would have you believe otherwise, but I've heard all the arguments for deregulating tuition and most of them are crap. First, that graduates can pay back any debts they have with their wondrous jobs they get upon graduation.

But what if no one lends them the money to get through school? Work part-time? Ask my classmates who tried that how easy it was, with 25 hours of class and 15 hours of group work every week.

Western wants to raise its profile and its sacred Maclean's ranking by attracting top students to its programs, especially its best known ones such as Medicine and HBA.

However, as tuition rises, the school will be cutting itself off at the knees, as the portion of top students who are not wealthy enough consider other education opportunities.

It pains me to say it, because I love Western, but if you had told me I would be paying $60,000 for my last two years of university, I would have gone somewhere else.

Wayne Samuels


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