Volume 95, Issue 53

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
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Older and Wyzer band returns to rock London

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Older and Wyzer band returns to rock London

By Myles DeRosse
Gazette Staff

You may not have heard of London's Project Wyze yet, but give it time, you probably soon will.

Project Wyze, one of Canada's newest rap-metal outfits, were signed by Sony earlier this year and released their major label debut in August.

The record's first two singles are receiving generous air-play on MuchMusic, with the second single making it to #25 on the weekly Countdown.

Photo by Chris Gordaneer

Although it may sound like instant success for a band riding the wave of the rap-metal trend, that's simply not the case.

The band started as two MCs and one DJ back in 1988, playing pure rap until 1994. At that point, the tide turned when the two rhymers – Yas and Bobby – were asked to freestyle over punk during a friend's live show.

"All I see is nothing but mohawks, blue spiked hair, 12 hole Doc Martens," Yas recalls. "We have something here: a whole new crowd and a whole new vibe."

A new vibe that Yas and Bobby wanted more of.

"After that day, we created a full-piece band and Project Wyze kept going," he says.

Playing a style that was not really popular at the time, Project Wyze are pioneers of a music which, at that time, they called, "Two Poets and a Punk Band."

After a lot of hard work, things are starting to pay off for the six-piece.

This past summer, they were on the bills for some pretty impressive concerts, including an opening slot for Blink-182 and selected dates for both Ozzfest and the Vans Warped tour.

"It has been more than a blessing for us to play at some of these memorable events," Yas says. "These are shows that we are huge fans of. These are shows we would pay the $50-$60 to go see if we weren't playing them in the first place. And the fact that we get a backstage pass and get to go rock a crowd is more than a dream come true."

"We are more than fortunate and we're not taking anything for granted. It is amazing," he admits.

To maintain a grasp on reality, Yas and the other members can be found posting their thoughts on the message board of the band's website. "It keeps us in check and it keeps a sense of realism there. Those are the people I want to talk to – they know the music better than anyone," Yas says.

Project Wyze take their live show seriously.

"The way we see it, we are entertainers more than just musicians. I think a lot of bands out there take that for granted and don't really entertain a crowd," he suggests.

"People pay $20-$30 a ticket, they want to be entertained. So, that's what we do. Even if you don't like our music, you can still sit there, watch the show and enjoy it," he says.

"A Project Wyze show is like nothing you will see anywhere else," Yas contends. "It's madness – nothing but pure energy and lots of crowd participation. We get crazy you know, we lay it all on the line. We are up there for 45 minutes and we use every single second of that 45 minutes to go crazy.

"Whether you love us or hate us, you're gonna leave saying, 'what the fuck did I just see?'" he boasts.

If the rap-metal trend stays strong, Project Wyze is a name you will hear more often because, even though they have been working hard for 13 years, it seems this is just the beginning.

Project Wyze opens for Bif Naked, with Swollen Members, at The Drink on Tuesday, Dec. 11. Tickets are $15 in advance and you can get them at Dr. Disc, HMV or Ticketmaster.

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