Volume 95, Issue 53

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
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Older and Wyzer band returns to rock London

Picks of 2001!

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I swear it was an accident!

Picks of 2001!

Molly Pop
Molly Duignan, A&E Editor

Favourite flick: Memento – a great film that makes amnesia exciting.

Worst flick: The Mexican – definitely the worst use of good talent.

Favourite disc: The Watchmen's Fast Forward – I wasn't a fan before, now I am. Doesn't that constitute a favourite?

Worst disc: Weezer – you'd think in five years they could produce more than 28 minutes of tunes.

Favourite TV show: Queer as Folk; aka Hot Naked Guy Soap Opera.

Favourite trend: Downtown surveillance cameras – if you have puke on your front step weekend mornings and live where the homeless poo in the alley beside your apartment... this is reality TV at its best.

Most hated trend: Butt-crack jeans – when your G-string sticks out and you girls are constantly pulling at them to cover your plumber crack, are you honestly comfortable?

Biggest surprise? Walking through the University Community Centre to see the televised coverage of Sept. 11.

Where's Chip
Dale Wyatt, A&E Editor

Favourite Flick: Kevin Smith's Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back – those motherlovin' groin kissers did it again.

Worst Flick: Many nominees, but no one stood out. My middle finger is directed at Hollywood.

Favourite disc: Randy's The Human Atom Bombs – these Swedish boys once again broke new ground.

Worst disc: Every manufactured pop CD released – and there was a tonne of them.

Favourite TV Show: Trailer Park Boys – thanks to Showcase for this trailer trash drama.

Favourite Trend: The growing fight against globalization and the successful demonstrations worldwide – in solidarity we fight!

Most Hated Trend: The "Emo" music trend – not everything sucks, it's okay to take off your backpack and smile.

Biggest Surprise? Two planes crashing into New York's World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon in Washington – it still seems surreal.

Chiu on this
Andrea Chiu, A&E Editor

Favourite flick: Shrek – do you know the muffin man?

Worst flick: Judging by its cast and the trailer, I think Mariah Scary's Glitter probably sucked.

Favourite disc: I enjoyed this past year in music, but ultimately, Rufus Wainwright's Poses takes the cake. His distinct voice combined with passionate lyrics makes Poses a stellar album with some great summer memories.

Worst disc: "Benefit" CDs – make the insincerity stop!

Favourite TV show: The Naked Chef and Will and Grace – there's nothing like a British cutie who can cook and Will and Grace's Karen is the coolest character on TV today.

Favourite trend: Whatever everyone else is saying.

Most hated trend: People who dress the same, look the same, talk the same and think the same as everyone else.

Biggest surprise: People are still paying ridiculous amounts of money to see films at Silvercity. I guess it's the same as paying for food at CentreSpot.

Mike Lawless, USC President

Favourite flick: Shrek.

Worst flick: The Tailor of Panama.

Favourite disc: Ben Folds, Rockin' the Suburbs.

Worst disc: Creed, Weathered – I'm completely tired of this angry, depressed rock that pretends to be Pearl Jam, minus the talent. I feel extremely violated every time I hear about their success. To me, this simply means people are yet to catch onto the fact that these guys haven't put together one original song in their existence. They might as well change their name to 'Five Against One' and become a Pearl Jam cover band.

Favourite TV show: The Family Guy.

Favourite trend: Anything dealing with Scarborough

Most hated trend: Angry depressed new grunge rock a la Limp Bizkit, Staind, Incubus, P.O.D, etc.

Biggest surprise? The boy band invasion is still here and it's successful as ever.

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