Volume 95, Issue 53

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
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Procrastinating? Us too, so here's what to do...

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Procrastinating? Us too, so here's what to do...

By Molly Duignan
Gazette Staff

You can't honestly think when classes end you're going to set up permanent camp in the library. Procrastination is essential to the whole university experience, so while you're not studying, you should get out and do something!

Since The Gazette can't be around to cover your A&E options (yes, we study sometimes, too), this is the highlighted, summarized version of what's happening in London before Christmas.


London's growing theatre scene has much to offer, especially original plays like Western grad Caitlin Murphy's Good Girl's Guide to Ungodly Deeds, playing at The Black Lodge (433-7687) in Galleria London Dec. 6-8 and 11-15. Youthwerx: Disorderly Womyn shows women struggling to forge a place in the world at The Old Factory Theatre (667-9044) Dec. 5-8. At StudiOK (476 Richmond St), you can find plays to get you in the holiday mood, like April Flannigan's adaptation of The Scrooge Diary Dec. 18-22, and Just Like Home & The Last Turkey Dec. 20-22 (432-4991).


This holiday season brings the openings of some huge, much-anticipated movies like Ocean's 11 (Dec. 7), the remake of a lesser-known great film. If the star-studded cast is any indication of the film's quality, it should be a hit. Lord of the Rings (Dec. 19) will be the bigger and better, book-to-screen adaptation of this year, though the adult appeal may cause fewer dollars than the old H.P.. Will Smith has also beefed up for the holidays in Ali (Dec. 25). We asked the champ himself, "My man, Will Smith will do just fine, even though his face still 'ain't as pretty as mine."


With big names like Bif Naked, Project Wyze and Swollen Members (Dec. 11 @ The Drink) and Serial Joe with The Kim Band and Tuuli (Dec. 15 @ Call the Office), we tend to forget the other treasures coming to London. Elle, described by Chart Magazine as an "angst-ridden chick with groove" plays the Embassy Dec. 7. Toronto singer/songwriter Martina Sobara is at The Spoke for a free show Dec. 6. Call the Office hosts The Mad Caddies Dec. 6 (432-BAND) and Zygote on Dec. 8. Dec. 14 marks the return of the original lineup for Soul Brains (formerly Bad Brains), also at Call The Office.


South Park crosses the line again as Osama bin Laden guest stars on the Comedy Network's show, Dec. 28. If you haven't been to see any of the BookStore's Autumn Writes events, your last chance is at Dec. 12's finale with Diana Gabaldon, author of The Fiery Cross at the Central Library Auditorium. Doesn't everyone love a poet? The Beatnik Sidewalk Open Mic begins Dec. 19 @ The Bacchus Lounge. It's your chance to be a poet, jazz musician or acoustic star.

To get outside, go for an outdoor skate at The Covent Garden Market or Victoria Park.

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