Volume 95, Issue 53

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
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Older and Wyzer band returns to rock London

Picks of 2001!

Procrastinating? Us too, so here's what to do...

Shits and Giggles

Wongderful reviews: Recital vs. Christmas Destiny

Mr. bin Hanky: X-mas pooh?

I swear it was an accident!


People who use the word "gay" in non-literal ways – if you're looking for a word to use as a negative adjective, pick another. You may not intend to insult, but use a little social sensitivity. The English language has more words than any other, so use your head.

Homemade gifts – no, I don't want to get them either, but it's all I can afford to give. Here, have a shiny, previously enjoyed pen.

Osama bin Laden remains at large – why didn't they just get him while he was in the voice studio recording his South Park appearance?

Malls – where people always walk slow and get in my way. Think they're bad now? Try working in the busiest mall in the country during the holiday season.

New Year's resolutions – what? It's almost time to think of new year's resolutions? I haven't even come through with this year's.

Rebounds – you know it's nothing more than meaningless sex.


Meaningless sex – still better than no sex at all.

Josh Rouse – possibly the most underrated singer/songwriter from south of the border. Everyone should own the album, Home.

The Recombobulator – so many great questions from so many interesting Western students. It's also good to know that I'm not the only one with a grandparent that smells like bingo.

Crazy Random Shit – there's no explanation, but everyone should check out http://member.iquest.net/~derecho/pika.swf. Do it now and make sure you turn up the speakers.

Letters to the A&E Editors – Is that hate mail? Yay! It's funny. We must be doing something right, because you're reading it, aren't you? Please send more.

The passing of hump day – You mean that four months from now I won't have a job? I'll miss you fellow Gazette freaks, here's to being half-way through.

–Andrea Chiu

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