Volume 95, Issue 53

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
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I swear it was an accident!

I swear it was an accident!

Flashlight Brown lights up the Office

Gazette File Photo

By Dan Bowyer
Gazette Staff

Accidents are a common excuse for everything from a five-year-old's wet bed to an angry motorists' bent fender. Accidents however, are not usually the reason for the beginning of a band.

Matt Hughes, lead vocalist of Toronto ska upstarts Flashlight Brown, is quick to point out his band is an exception to the rule.

"It was mostly just accidental actually," he quips, while discussing the band's conception in 1996.

"The rest is history," he says. "It was just for fun because we were trying to learn music."

After making it out of the garage to play local shows in their then-hometown of Guelph, Ontario, Flashlight Brown have since made the progression to touring and studio recording.

From the way Hughes speaks, FB's pursuit of success doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. "We're thinking that we'd like to make a career of it," he admits.

If this is the goal, Flashlight Brown is certainly on the right track. They have been touring relentlessly for the last month with labelmates Belvedere.

"It's amazing," Hughes says of the touring experience.

The current tour, which also features The Mad Caddies, affords the band the opportunity to not only have fun, but also to gain prominence within a scene that produces fans of Weezer and hardcore alike.

"We're getting spoiled – all the shows we're doing [with them] are way bigger than any of the shows we would have done on our own," Hughes says.

These latest shows are in support of Flashlight Brown's latest release, a self-titled collection of old and new material the band wanted to make available to their fans.

"Some of it we recorded a year ago and some of it we recorded three weeks before the album was released. It kinda sounds more like a compilation than an album," he notes.

The release marks a return to Montreal-based Union Label Group, a company that Flashlight Brown has worked with in the past. "We've always been pretty close with those guys, we just approached them and they jumped on it," he says.

The label's reputation for being small but hard-working appealed to the band's sensibilities.

"It's nice to be in a little Indie family," Hughes admits.

Whether Flashlight Brown stays Indie or ends up achieving mainstream notoriety, it's safe to say their success will certainly be no accident.

Flashlight Brown appear with The Mad Caddies at Call the Office Dec. 6. Tickets are $12 in advance.

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