Volume 95, Issue 53
Wednesday, December 5 , 2001
We've got mistletoe in our pants!
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Are women safe at Western?
Large number of attacks reported

Recent attacks on female students have increased concerns about security on campus and in the London area.

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Update - December 13
Police: Dec. 2 incident was a fake

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USC begins quest for relevance

A new document being drafted by the University Students' Council will provide a framework for the organization's long-term goals and make student government more relevant, says USC president Mike Lawless.

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War at home and abroad

While the war on terrorism rages overseas, Americans are being reminded the war at home may never end.

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Tuition increase scares students

Professional school students are worried about the ramifications of an expecting tuition increase after administration announced pending budgetary complications last month.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
EXALTED ARE THE LARGE HEARTS OF HEROES - AND MALL SANTAS. 18-month-old Paige Barzanjah wasn't happy about her seating arrangements on the jolly old elf's knee in Masonville Place Tuesday.


Older and Wyzer band returns to rock London

You may not have heard of London's Project Wyze yet, but give it time, you probably soon will.

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First-half Mustang impressions

Being sports editors of a campus newspaper by no means qualifies this panel of three as experts in our field – but we like to pretend. Here's our impressions of the first four athletic months of the school year.

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