Volume 95, Issue 53

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
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First-half Mustang impressions

Brock badgered by Mustang attack

Raptors' record not up to par

Sports Briefs

First-half Mustang impressions

Being sports editors of a campus newspaper by no means qualifies this panel of three as experts in our field – but we like to pretend. Here's our impressions of the first four athletic months of the school year.


D of the A.B. and M (Dave)

To start, let's recognize the end of year performance by our football team. After making a sold-out crowd sit through the horrors of a Homecoming blowout, the team did a 180-degree turnaround capped by two exciting wins at home, including a first-round playoff triumph over Waterloo – avenging the Homecoming embarrassment suffered at the hands of the Warriors.

Also, kudos have to be given to our men's golf team who, although being very competitive all season, shocked many by bringing home the Ontario University Athletics championship.

Not to mention our hockey, basketball and volleyball teams who are thriving as the new year approaches.

Beth Kerim/Gazette
RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN, YOU STILL NEED A DELOREAN AND HIGH TOPS TO GO BACK IN TIME. Who were Western's sporting winners and losers in the first-half of the year?

Men's volleyball, with so many returning players, has a very good shot to jump into the upper echelon of the country's premier teams. Also, with a strong opening half, the women look to be heading into the top 10 as well.

And of course – what's a prediction column without the assumption of another championship for the squash and badminton teams – their winning streaks are older than half the team members.

Ryan, illegitimate son of Bob the Psychic

Nevermind the men and women of the 'W' boys and girls calendar – the real heartbreakers on this campus are the women's soccer team.

An undefeated season went up in smoke after a gut-wrenching loss in the OUA semi-finals right here on home turf. The women went on to win OUA bronze, but it must have felt like getting a Volvo for Christmas when you had your heart set on a Ferrari.

Speaking of soccer balls, the dynasty the Mustang men were crafting has officially gone the way of the Montreal Canadiens. After two consecutive CIS titles, the men failed for the second straight season to qualify for post-eason play. Offense again proved to be the team's Achilles' heal – giving further credence to the notion that soccer players just can't score.

Biggest pat on the ass for the first-half of the year has to go to the men's rugby team. The ruggers bound together in the wake of losing several key ingredients from their two-time defending OUA championship teams to stuff a solid OUA silver medal in the mouth of any critic who said the team would come apart.

Jordan, a few parts 'ping'  and a few parts 'pong'

As I embark on a month of binge drinking and incessant debauchery, I will leave you with some purple and white tidbits.

Watching the men's lacrosse team bring home the Baggataway Cup was scintillating. Their fan base was the ultimate sixth man, bringing raucous emotion to the final against Brock.

Unfortunately, this doesn't hold true for the rest of the campus sporting atmosphere. My grandma's bridge club brings in more support than athletics at Western.

Hoops were plentiful in the first-half. Interestingly, the women's basketball team is making more waves than the men. The 'golden girls' are winning consistently and handily. We'll see what they can do against the beasts of the OUA West Division in the new year.

But, don't think there is no love for the men – they are ranked number three in the nation. The ping-pong gods see big things in the future for these ballers. Nick Salomans and Mark Porte and the healing hand hold the key to ending Chris Brown's nightmares.

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