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Thursday, February 1, 2001


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Fundraisers only $100 million away

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Fundraisers only $100 million away

By Carrie Gennoe
Gazette Staff

Campaign Western, the university's ambitious threeŠyearŠold fundraising program, has now topped the $170 million mark, thanks in part to a student donation of over $10 million.

The University Students' Council, the Society of Graduate Students and the Master of Business Administration Association, have directed a contribution of $50 per student toward a fund for student aid, said Jeff Sutton, the USC's VP-education.

That donation will amount to about $10.5 million by the conclusion of Campaign Western in the spring of 2004.

"By moving this money to be collected by Campaign Western, we've got an entrenched control to where the money goes," he said.

"There's a trust fund and money is collected on an annual basis. There's a 10 per cent interest and five per cent of that goes to student aid and the other five is put back. In the future it will get up to $1 million from the interest," he said.

Fern Gauthier, president of the Society of Graduate Students, confirmed that SOGS would be donating about $1 million to the campaign, also through $50 fees from students.

"It will help for future grad students in terms of the bursaries and scholarships it will make available," Gauthier said.

According to Western president Paul Davenport, donations have also poured in from residents of London and university alumni.

"This campaign has received tremendous support from our own community here in London." Davenport said. "What distinguishes this campaign is the tremendous support of alumni giving."

Western's VP-external Ted Garrard said the campaign's goal is $270 million. He attributed the recent surge in donations to people recognizing the true value of Western. "People are recognizing Western as a first class university. They are stepping up to the plate."

When asked where the money is going, Garrard described six different major areas to which the money will be devoted. He outlined those areas as recruiting and retaining faculty members; supporting students financially; improving Western's research capacity; supporting academic courses; enhancing the campus and community environment; and generating unrestricted funding that can be directed where it is needed most.

Various fundraising strategies have been employed, Davenport said. For example, the university sends mail solicitations and has student volunteers on hand to contact alumni. "We operate on a broadly based community on our web site where we talk about the campaign," he said.

However, both Garrard and Davenport agreed the most effective way to get the message across is to meet one-on-one.

Although Campaign Western is ahead of schedule, fundraising efforts must continue, Garrard said. "We're going until there's no more left to raise," he said.

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