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Thursday, February 1, 2001


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By-law violation verdict postponed


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By-law violation verdict postponed

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council president Dave Braun may face possible campaign violations as a result of his address to council two weeks ago.

At the Jan. 17 USC meeting, Braun announced the beginning of his "listening tour" during a "state of the council" address.

"Today I'm announcing the start of my own [campaign]," he said. "I want to run for president again – for my second term." Braun then removed his shirt to reveal a t-shirt he wore during last year's presidential campaign.

According to the election by-laws, it is restricted to campaign before the campaigning period, said USC cheif returning officer, Michael Shecter.

Braun said he did not intend to run when he made his speech. "I didn't have an inkling of running again when I made that joke about running again," he said. "It was a fun joke – just for rhetoric."

According to the incumbent president, he was approached by a councillor after the meeting and encouraged to run for re-election. He then told USC communications officer Jaime Notman the next day that he was considering running again. After a weekend visit with his parents, Braun said, he decided to enter the race.

Schecter said the elections committee met with Braun yesterday to discuss his speech and possible pre-campaigning violations.

He said the committee has reserved judgment until a later date, after they have viewed a tape of the council meeting in question.

Fellow candidate Josh Morgan, a third-year political science and economics student, who was in attendance at the Jan. 17 meeting, said, in his opinion, the words and actions of Braun crossed the line. "By the definition of the campaign by-laws, I think it was a campaign violation. "[Any punishment] is up to the elections committee to decide."

Third-year history student and presidential candidate, Mike Lawless, was also in attendance that evening, but said he disagreed with Morgan's assessment. "From speaking to [Braun] he made the decision to run afterward [his speech]," he said. "I know he's not a stupid person and I don't think he'd [intentionally] do something like that."

At last night's USC presidential forum, business councillor Prabu Hariharan challenged Braun to answer for alleged pre-campaigning.

But Braun said he did not intend to run at the time of his speech and added his intentions have been altruistic from the beginning.

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