Volume 94, Issue 73

Thursday, February 1, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Editorial on Braun's bid for re-election praised

Re: Dear Dave..., Jan. 30.

To the Editor:

Last week, I criticized The Gazette and asked them to show a level of editorial integrity which I felt was sorely lacking. Criticism is often required, as is praise, for the encouragement of values integral to our society.

This week I was pleasantly surprised at the objective view presented in the editorials regarding the bid for re-election by current USC president Dave Braun.

The questions you asked were fair, and ones that the student population needs to be enlightened about. They demand accountability and integrity to set the stage for candidates to prove their mettle. I encourage you to continue writing editorials focusing upon the presidential campaign.

This is a crucial time for the USC, with changes occurring that require inspired vision, strategic skills, proactive preparation and recognized results-orientation in a leader. We are facing issues affecting education including privatization, deregulation and lack of funding.

When I first arrived at Western five years ago, I met one of the finest presidents this campus has seen, Dave Tompkins. He brought council closer to the student population than ever before with contagious integrity and passion.

Remember students, when you vote, to scrutinize all candidates.

We need a leader who has integrity and passion. Let us elect one that can inspire us with those qualities, much like Tompkins did five years ago.

Prabhu Hariharan
USC Business Councillor

"Flawless" council too much to ask

Re: Dear Dave..., Jan. 30.

To the Editor:

As two of Western's "loyal constituents," we would like to reply to Tuesday's editorial "Dear Dave..."

While we have no qualms with healthy criticism of student government, we deplore what we feel is audacity demonstrated by The Gazette Editorial Board when they discredited the integral part Dave Braun has played in bettering the University Students' Council. Dave and the council have tackled many difficult issues head on, such as the Student Code of Conduct, Orientation Week, and the USC's debt.

While no council is without flaws, this one took great initiative to improve student life. When they did slip up (as everyone does), they were quick to acknowledge their shortcomings, apologize, and attempt to remedy their mistakes (as not everyone does).

People often fail to recognize that implementing change of any kind is difficult. This is especially true here, as the USC is up against student apathy and a demanding administration.

Jenny Dyck
Undeclared II
Erin McCloskey
Biology II

Down with the Reds! Up with big words!

Re: Ticket Stimulates "malice," "disgust", Jan. 26.

To the Editor:

J.C. Rae's letter decrying The Gazette's depiction of Marxists as "totalitarian rulers" suggests an unfamiliarity with the history of the 20th Century.

We are told that a choice between communism and free enterprise is respectively between "meaningful and creative labour" and "starvation and suffering."

The common elements of free market economies have been the very things communists sometimes seem to want to bring about – abundant food, quality housing, political freedom and as great an opportunity to pursue one's own star as has ever existed in history for the average person.

The common elements of communist countries have been networks of slave labour camps, deliberate starvation of uncooperative peasants, arbitrary executions of innocent or convenient people, and in general, the exact opposite of what was promised.

Communism, like all "isms" promising the largesse of a coercive but benevolent central authority, is an elaborate ruse to deceive free people into accepting chains.

I don't doubt that J.C. Rae is well-intentioned, but the ideas he promotes have had very, very bad consequences when people are forced to live by them.

As with communism's twin brother, national socialism, the answer to J.C. Rae's letter must be, "NEVER AGAIN."

Mike Davidson
Computer Science IV

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