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Tuesday, February 13, 2001


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Code closes student input

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Tommy Abercrombie

Code closes student input

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Submissions from the Western community on the Student Code of Conduct closed on Friday – for the last time.

"We got a really good response this time around – especially from the student population," said University Students' Council VP-student affairs Chris Sinal, who is also chair of the ad hoc Senate committee for the review of the code.

Although Sinal was unable to comment on the substance of the submissions, he said he was glad both on campus and external media ran stories about the Code to increase awareness on campus.

"[The committee] now has around three weeks to put our presentation together where we will give our formal opinion to Senate at the March 16 meeting," he said. "After that, the Senate will give their opinion and it will inevitably be up to [the Board of Governors] to decide the final draft."

Vice provost and registrar Roma Harris, said she and the rest of Senate will wait and see what the report brings, adding in the end the decision will be up to the BOG.

"The advice given will be presented to BOG and is not the decision of the Senate," she said. "However, the Senate will be interested in the presentation by the ad hoc committee."

The USC issued one of the submissions made to the committee and legal affairs officer Jeffrey Clayman said with the help of the rest of the Board of Directors, the USC presented objective criteria they hope the committee will take into account.

"I hope they will be receptive to our concerns," he said, about the four page submission. "Many of the ideas are similar to the initial concerns we had with the original code."

Clayman said the USC has argued a strong code needs to be objective not subjective. "That's the way governments do it, and that's also how the scientific method is used. Our approach tried to incorporate those same principals," he said.

Sinal said although Friday was the final day for submissions, if anyone had something important or pressing to submit to the committee, they should contact him as soon as possible.

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