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Wednesday, February 14, 2001


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Western keeps on track in Windsor

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

Western's track and field team continued their winning ways this weekend when they traveled to Windsor.

The Western women dwarfed the competition finishing 44 points ahead of second place Windsor. The Mustang men also had a strong showing, tying the Lancers for top spot overall.

The highlight of the event for Western came in the women's 300m event where rookie Jessica Zelinka set a meet record with a time of 39.48 seconds. By the way this just happened to be the first time Zelinka competed in the event. One Western athlete had a unique appraisal of Zelinka's performance.

"Even though she's my sister I'm still as surprised and impressed as everyone else. To her it's no big deal, she's very humble and nonchalant about it. It's like 'that was fun, let's try something else," said women's co-captain Andrea Zelinka.

Western head coach, Vickie Croley, said as strong as Zelinka's performance was, it was not entirely unexpected.

"This is the first time she ran the race, but knowing what her speed and endurance is, which we see all the time in practice, it's really not that surprising of a result. She did very well, I don't think she even realizes how fast she [ran]," Croley said.

Heather Brand joined Zelinka as another female athlete that won an individual event taking top honours in the pentathlon. The women also struck gold in the 4x200m and 4x800m relays.

The men took home five gold medals in total with Victor Richards, Matt Gibbons and Brad Turner winning individual events. Croley said the distinction between the men's and women's side comes down to depth.

"We're very strong in certain events. The sprints we're very deep in, everything from the 60m to the 4x400m relays. We're also good in the pole vault, long jump and triple jump. We have quality in the other events, but not the depth," she said.

Men's team captain, Chris Williams, said he was very happy with the results on both sides of the fence. "On the men's side, Windsor has shown themselves to be very tough and it is going to be a tight race right through [Ontario University Athletics]."

Croley said the positive results are a result of a good chemistry. "We just have such a strong team, the group is very tight knit. They try hard for themselves for sure, but also for the group. They're really supportive for each other. It's a really positive training atmosphere to thrive on others' results."

Croley said the team will now try to cruise to the OUAs without missing a beat. "The key is to taper [the training], keep everyone healthy from an athletic stand point. I'm sort of sitting on pins and needles hoping everybody will stay where they are for OUAs."

The next action for the Mustangs will be Friday when they host the Western Open.

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