Volume 94, Issue 80

Wednesday, February 14, 2001


No seconds left for the Waterloo Warriors

Indoor hockey comes up empty

Western keeps on track in Windsor

Who we'd like to love on V-Day

Sports Briefs

Who we'd like to love on V-Day

Just because we're sports editors don't count us out for showing our love on Valentine's Day. If anything that should put us near the top of cupid's wish list: Here's who want our love-arrows shot at.

Ivan Rodriguez–Not only has this fiery Texas Rangers catcher made All-Star games for nearly a decade, he does a bang-up job protecting the plate. The thought of his stellar play-to-come is what gets one of us through the chilly off-season. By the way, he has the nicest ass in baseball.

Vanessa Williams and Tamia - Known as the respective wives of Rick Fox and Grant Hill but famous as two of entertainment's finest ladies. When these beauties are sitting at home, waiting for their husbands to come back from an eight-game road trip, we'd be more than glad to keep them company.

Cassie Campbell- I've been around the world and no country can boast the kind of overall quality women we have right here in the true North, strong and free. In that spirit, give me women's hockey sensation Cassie Campbell.

It's a shame rules dictate women must wear face masks, because it's a crime to cover up the smile this ice queen has to offer.

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