Volume 94, Issue 81

Thursday, February 15, 2001


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Carpe diem

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Carpe diem

As a wise man once said, it's like dj vu all over again.

Approximately 365 days ago, Dave Braun was elected on a platform of what he would later call "calculated fluff designed to get me elected," and it was just that.

Now with Braun's re-election bid soundly defeated, former King's College Students' Council president Mike Lawless assumes the helm.

While Lawless' campaign certainly contained far more depth than his predecessor's, it would be an exaggeration to call it ambitious or ground-breaking. His passion and desire for improvement, while highly commendable and much needed, are no substitutes for great ideas and innovation.

His platform ideas are easy to implement, if not already in existence and his entire campaign lacks fresh insight the fantasy ideal candidate might possess. But this is surely not a time to be pessimistic.

With the mistakes of his predecessor laid bare before him, Lawless must seize the opportunity to overcome the faults which doomed Braun.

Where Braun's Board failed to hit their stride until January, Lawless and his soon-to-be-elected VPs must be ready to learn faster and hit the ground running in September, if not sprinting by October.

Where Braun was quiet when vocal, authoritative leadership was needed, Lawless must be strong, with the intestinal fortitude to take risks, no matter how unpopular they may be.

Hand in hand with this must be a change in focus for council. One of Lawless' rallying cries was the need for council to stop bickering over by-law changes and petty internal squabbles. They must return to an outward, student-first perspective, and Lawless must be the leader to ensure this happens.

Lawless must prove he can replicate his successes at the affiliate level on a much larger and more complex playing field. No one can doubt his accomplishments to this point, but now the rules have completely changed.

Finally, Lawless must have the broad sense and humble intelligence to adopt the best ideas from his competitors. Innovative strategies from candidates like Josh Morgan and Tim Shortill should be put on the agenda for a new council to implement, and at the very least, consider. While opinion polls and alumni recruitment are important, progressive ideas like a Women's Leadership Conference must not be excluded or forgotten as this campaign ends and a new council begins.

While the Lawless of today does, at times, bare a striking resemblance to the Braun of last year, the end result does not have to be the same. With the right amount of foresight and ambition, the next 365 days can be much smoother than the last.

But the responsibility falls on you Mr. Lawless. Good luck.

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