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Thursday, February 15, 2001


Lawless is flawless - Braun is gone

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Lawless is flawless - Braun is gone

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Law-less, Law-less, Law-less.

These were the chants heard ringing throughout The Wave last night as third-year history student and current King's College council president Mike Lawless showed he truly did make the Western campus 'believe' in him as a leader.

"It's an amazing feeling," said the third-year history student, as supporters took turns giving accolades to the new University Students' Council leader. "I regret nothing and will be looking to inspire people to start caring again."

Lawless said he commended his fellow candidates on their efforts during the campaign period, saying he ran the campaign he wanted to run the entire time.

"I walked into the first forum showing that I had the experience, that I had the ideas and that most of all, I had the heart to do this job," he said. "I finished up with around 1,500 people voting for me, it's my job to make the other 2,500 believe in what I can do."

Lawless said he thanked all of the people who helped him during the election, and added he knows people will be counting on him – so he will not forget what he promised. "Thanks for everything. But this is only the beginning of a hell of a long ride."

Lawless' campaign manager, Shawna Lang, said they sat down five months ago to start planning his presidential run.

"We really wanted to think big right from the start, and I think we accomplished that throughout the duration of the campaign," she said. "It was a fantastic ride, and we were really lucky to have the support of so many people."

She added that from day-one, it was really important to Lawless to have the support of those around him, and to get out there to the greater university community. "It was important for [his team] to educate students on who he was, and I think the sea of blue did that."

Michael Schecter, USC chief returning officer, said while he was happy for Lawless, he was thrilled with all of the candidates who threw their hats into the ring of student politics.

The second year of online elections was also a success that keeps showing the tremendous upside of this format, he said, adding however, that he was disappointed with the overall voter turnout this year. "It just shows student care more about the bus pass then they do about their USC president."

Interim USC president and VP-education, Jeff Sutton, said he congratulated Lawless on his victory last night, but followed it up by challenging the president-elect to follow through on the promises made during the two week campaign. "Welcome to the team Mike – you better make a difference."

Dave Braun, third-year history student and incumbent president, said he took off his candidate hat and also congratulated Lawless on his victory and the overall great campaign he ran.

"Mike ran a campaign based on experience, ideas, results and passion – he's four for four on that front," he said. "He's one of my great friends and I think he'll do an awesome job. I'm looking forward to a great transition."

USC presidential final results
Mike Lawless: 1, 426 votes
Tim Shortill: 924 votes
Dave Braun: 838 votes
Josh Morgan: 378 votes
Tin Maung Htoo: 166 votes
Geoff Greenall: 22 votes
Ryan Windsor: 19 votes

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