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Thursday, February 15, 2001


Lawless is flawless - Braun is gone

Candidates give Lawless advice

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Your new USC president at a glance


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His Royal Mintiness

Candidates give Lawless advice

By Gazette Staff

The victorious Mike Lawless was showered with praise from his competitors shortly after final election results were posted.

Though stymied in his bid for re-election, incumbent president Dave Braun, a third-year political science student, said he was not disappointed with the results. "I feel absolutely positive," Braun said. "Mike ran a very good campaign.

"My term lasts until April 30 and I'm going to work my tail off until the last hour of the last day," he added.

Geoff Greenall, a first-year political science student, said he was pleased with the experience he gained from his election participation. "I knew I wasn't going to win because I was in first-year, but it is still my goal to get a position in the USC. I want to be either the arts commissioner or – I want Sinal's job (VP-student affairs.) I'm all about participating and getting involved, and I hope I showed it in this campaign."

Tin Maung Htoo, a first-year social science student, said the key thing he learned throughout the campaign was an appreciation for campus issues. "I didn't know the issues very well as a first-year student.

"I gave the message to promote student activism on this campus," Htoo said. "Now that [Lawless] has become president, I believe he'll do something for student activism on this campus."

Htoo cited the main student concern in Canada as tuition fees. "I hope the incoming council handles this issue effectively. That is his first priority. If we want the government to do something about student issues, we need a strong student voice."

Third-year political science and economics student, Josh Morgan, said Lawless will have to work hard to gain the students' confidence. "Lawless' challenge will be justifying a government mandate based on 15 per cent voter turnout. Also, there is a lot of confidence-building to do with average students. I think it has been broken down by the USC over the years. I'd like to find a way to help out any way I can," he said.

Morgan added he plans to run for USC VP-education. "My initial plans were to run for the education spot. They were my initial desires. I plan to push the deregulation of tuition issue. I have a great interest in academics and VP-education fits into my natural desires."

Fourth-year political science student, Tim Shortill, said despite his second place finish, his campaign was very successful. "We talked about a lot of good issues. It was a really clean campaign."

Shortill said Lawless was a worthy victor, but he would not be a part of Lawless' council next year. "I think Mike will make a fantastic president," he said. "I'm going to graduate. I never had any intention of running for a VP position."

Ryan Windsor, a second-year psychology student, said he was disappointed with the results. "I'm seriously disillusioned by the closemindedness of this campus," he said.

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