Volume 94, Issue 81

Thursday, February 15, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Slack Week: A lesson in free time

Thge Napster court ruling: Right or wrong? Two editors swap their own tunes on the controversy

Letters to the Editor

The letter of the year

Re: The Ticket, Feb. 9.

To the Editor:

Until now, nothing in The Gazette has inspired me to write a letter to the editor. Allow me to recount how I got to this point: A few Fridays ago, when I saw the picture of two people in Red Army uniforms and a witty caption accompanying it, I had a good chuckle.

I then saw how many people wrote negative letters about that humorous photo. I was quite disappointed with the number of people who could not take a joke.

Then last Friday, I saw something even better than the Red Army photo and decided to write in to have my say about it. That was a damn fine cleavage shot and a witty caption at the beginning of the weekend section of the paper. Kudos to The Gazette staff and the model in the photo for giving students (me in particular) something to brighten our morning.

Steve Learmonth
Chemical /Biochemical Engineering II

Reader calls kettle black

Re: Global students focus at King's, Feb. 9.

To the Editor:

As Lifelong Learning Commissioner for the University Students' Council, imagine my surprise to read in the Feb. 9 issue of The Gazette the theme of the presidential forum held at King's College on Thursday night was Lifelong Learning.

For some unknown reason, I was not informed of this particular forum and therefore, comments such as "while the forum's theme was Lifelong Learning, students were more interested in topics specifically concerning King's students," really hit a sore spot with me and other Lifelong Learning students.

There were Lifelong Learning students in attendance at the forum and I was given a full report of what occurred. Imagine my further surprise when The Gazette did not even mention that only one candidate addressed the issues and concerns of Lifelong Learning students in his opening comments, and then again in his closing remarks.

Why was such an important point overlooked by The Gazette?

Many of the students on this campus look to The Gazette to provide them with accurate information about the forums such so when it comes time to vote, the students are better informed of the candidates' platforms, answers and comments.

There are over 2000 Lifelong Learning students here at Western with a fair number of us centred at King's College. Such comments as the one mentioned above are not only misleading, but also quite unfair.

Lifelong Learning is a topic of special concern for King's students and a concern for many of us mature, transfer, distance studies or continuing studies students at Western. I did attend the last forum on Sunday afternoon and managed to ask all the candidates what they thought the concerns and issues were for Lifelong Learning students and what they intended to do about these if elected.

It was quite informative to find out that only two of the candidates were actually aware of many of our concerns and issues, and only three candidates had, in my opinion, constructive comments on how they would deal with these concerns.

Although I have received numerous apologies since Friday for informed of the forum's Lifelong Learning theme, the question still remains as to why The Gazette did not accurately report the candidates' responses to the theme of the forum.

Joan P. Forder
Lifelong Learning Commissioner
Honours Physiology & Psychology IV

Girls smarter than boys?

Re:USC needs Girl Power ASAP! Feb. 6.

To the Editor:

Why are no women running for University Students' Council President? We're too smart to want that job. You guys can have it!

Melissa Parker
Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

Revenge of the nerds?

Re: A film almost worth sinking your teeth into, Feb. 13.

To the Editor:

In The Gazette on Feb. 13, the movie review for Hannibal said something to the effect of "Lecter first appeared to moviegoers a decade ago, in The Silence of the Lambs."

This not correct. Hannibal Lecter's character first made his appearance in a film called Manhunter in 1986. It was directed by Michael Mann (Miami Vice, The Insider) and is a pretty good flick.

Just thought I would let people know, as many people are not aware of this movie.

Geoff Wozniak
Computer Science IV

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