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Friday, February 2, 2001


Leadership experience comes up at forum

Prez wannabes visit affilites

Student groups say Throne speech lacking

Lawless has the gusto for office

Skydiver hobos would be a bit over-the-top

Corroded Disorder

Lawless has the gusto for office

By Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

"As cliched as it sounds, I have no question in my mind that there's no candidate that wants this as much as I do."

Such were the words of third-year history major Mike Lawless, one of the seven candidates hoping to end up the sole survivor of the current University Students' Council presidential election.

Lawless said he thinks this year's council has faltered and he is the candidate who can right the ship next year. "I see the USC as an organization which has so much potential, so much opportunity to do good, but that has made very little improvement this year," he said. "I know I've got the ability to excite people about [the USC]."

He said his platform consists of four main ideas for making the USC a more effective operation.

First, Lawless said he would create a strategic plan for the USC that would establish long-term goals covering a five-year period. The plan would clarify the roles of councillors and commissioners, as well as guarantee continuity of direction from one year to the next, he said.

"The USC is sort of a flag in the wind. It doesn't have a constant direction," he said.

Mike Lawless is one of seven candidates vying for the USC presidential office

Lawless also said he would conduct opinion polls to gauge student attitudes about the USC's performance. "There are problems on campus with how much people care about this council. This would be a way to find out why," he said.

Another Lawless platform promise includes be the implementation of a system of comprehensive year-end reporting for council, that would make it clear to students where the USC has spent student money.

Lastly, this presidential candidate said he would like to launch a mass promotional campaign encouraging Western alumni employers to hire students graduating from Western. Lawless said the USC tries hard to ease students' transitions from high school to university, but does little to help students moving out of university and into the working world.

"It will benefit students. It will give them that extra little push," he said.

Asked what makes him the hardiest survivalist on election island, Lawless said his energetic disposition and extensive experience put him over the top.

"I think I've got an energy that's unmatched," he said. "I've got a wealth of experience at every level of university government."

Lawless added he is someone who consistently makes things happen. "Anything I've ever said I'll do, I do."

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