Volume 94, Issue 74

Friday, February 2, 2001


Mustang men win Brock battle

Western women net victory

Volleyball showdown at Western

Western women net victory

By Dan Fanaberia
Gazette Staff

Western toughed out a 72-62 win in a close women's basketball game against Brock on Wednesday night. Resting Mustang starters and an injury ridden Brock team made for a true battle of the benches Wednesday night, as the Western women's basketball team beat Brock.

Western's top scorer, forward Laura Verbeeten, led the game with 18 points. "The game did not feel as close as the score," Verbeeten said. She added while she and other starters did not play as much as they usually do, the bench did a great job.

"It really helped to have Cindy back from injury," she said of Cindy Scott, Western's 5'9" guard, who played just nine minutes.

Verbeeten, who has always played the guard position, is a fifth-year business student who transferred from the University of Toronto. "Switching from Toronto was a good decision, Western has been great."

The Mustangs started the season a bit sluggish, but now boast an 11-4 record in their conference which might be a strong indication the team is rounding into form.

"The season started off slow," Verbeeten said. "But hopefully, the success will continue to the playoffs."

Verbeeten went on to praise the teachings of Mustangs head coach Bob Delaney, now in his 11th year behind the Mustang's bench. "Bob is an awesome coach."

Forward Stacey Farr, who ended the game for Brock with 12 points and four rebounds thought her team could have played better.

"I don't feel that confident about our performance, foul trouble really hurt us throughout the game."

Farr was returning to her roots by coming back to Alumni Hall. She is a London native that took her basketball skills to St. Catharines.

"I went to Brock to get away for a bit. I really like the change," she said. Now a second-year student and ball player at Brock, Farr is looking to major in physical education and continue to contribute to the basketball program.

"We could have played much better without such a slow start," Farr said. She added she was happy with her team's final effort and tenacity. "We have great team cohesion."

Chris Critelli, the head coach for the Brock Badgers, said her squad may have been suffering a bit from sleepy legs at the outset of the game.

"It took us 10 minutes to wake up from the bus ride," she said. Critelli said she was, however, very impressed with the Brock captain, Shannon Haan's 14 point and eight rebound performance.

"We have a very strong team with a lot of talent," Critelli said, adding "We usually play very well against Western, but four injuries kept starters on the bench and did not let us put it together today."

"The first year players did an awesome job off of the bench," Critelli said. "I am really proud [of] my team's tenacity."

"Western had a lot of size and was really smart to play zone," she added. She said she also hoped her team's injuries would heal so they can keep up their winning ways.

Walking away with another win under their belt, and having rested some key role players and given game experience to the bench, a healthy Western team looks ahead to two games on the road against Laurier and then Windsor.


Feb. 3 @ Laurier 12 p.m.

Feb. 7 @ Windsor 6 p.m.

Feb. 10 vs. Waterloo 7 p.m.

Feb. 14 vs. Guelph 6 p.m.

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