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Tuesday, February 27, 2001


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Huron prez election still unofficial

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Due to a litany of alleged campaign violations, the Huron University College Students' Council presidential election remains undecided, a full week and a half after ballots were cast.

According to the unofficial results, Christie Love, a second-year social science student with 83 votes, defeated six other candidates, besting second place finisher Amy Daw, a third-year political science student, by 18 votes. Under HUCSC by-laws, a recount is permitted upon request if the margin of victory is less than 20 votes, said HUCSC president Harris Krofchick.

In addition to requesting a recount, Daw said she has filed an appeal with the HUCSC, alleging 34 different violations of election by-laws by various parties, including the elections committee and Krofchick.

According to a letter from to Daw to the HUCSC speaker, which details the alleged violations, Krofchick failed to remain neutral during the HUCSC election, assisting Love in her campaign.

"This was especially illustrated by the president's public endorsement on multiple occasions of Christie Love," Daw said. The letter also alleges Krofchick was present at polling stations, interfering in the voting process.

In addition, Daw said she believes campaign team members were permitted to work polling stations, and eligible voters were left off the voters' list, preventing them from casting their ballots.

Krofchick said he was insulted by the charges presented by Daw. "I am personally insulted. I prided myself on remaining neutral," he said. "To have someone throw out these gross accusations is an insult to all the work done by the elections committee. This was a fantastically run election."

Adam Slavens, the chief returning officer for the HUCSC, said he believes the election was handled properly. "The Huron College election was conducted in accordance with the constitution and the elections policy," he said. "We in no way want to taint the victory of Christie Love. This is now a matter for the appeals board."

Love, the unofficial victor, said she did not want to comment on any pending appeals, but said she would be waiting to see the results of the recount. "[Daw is] allowed a recount. I've got my fingers crossed that [the result] will stay the same."

Jaime Murphy, a second-year political science student and candidate in the HUCSC presidential election, said he was concerned by many of the events of the election, including the possible exclusion of many students from the voting process, and alleged endorsements by members of the HUCSC and the elections committee. "I think looking into the process and reviewing how things were done is the right route to take."

University Students' Council VP-student affairs Chris Sinal, who co-authored the HUCSC election by-laws and is also a member of the elections committee at Huron, said he will now be part of the appeals committee which will hear Daw's appeal later this week.

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