Volume 94, Issue 82

Tuesday, February 27, 2001


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USC Listening tour now Sinal's bag too

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

With the University Students' Council presidential elections over and done with, president Dave Braun is looking to get back to work with a busy schedule of mentoring and listening.

"There's a lot to do," Braun said, referring to his full load of work in the relatively short two months before president-elect Mike Lawless takes the reigns of next year's council.

He is so busy in fact that Braun said he is relinquishing the head of the USC's Listening Tour to USC VP-student affairs Chris Sinal. "Sinal is now the big 'go-to-guy.' He's going to be responsible for the implementation of the Listening Tour," he said.

Braun said the entire Board of Directors will be going to as many residences and faculty councils, clubs and constituencies as they can. "There are a lot of issues. This is going to be a very honest communication between the USC and the students. We want to know what's important to [students]," he said.

Sinal said the student affairs portfolio does not have much programming at the end of the year, which leaves him with room on his calendar to co-ordinate the tour. "I'm also the head soph for the USC next year so it seemed like a logical decision," he said.

Sinal said the goal is to solicit input from across campus and added the data is going to be useful to next year's council. "The key is to get next year's board off to a running start," he said, adding if people want to say something – this is their chance to say it.

Braun said he will also begin working with Lawless on Mar. 1 to help him ease into the role of president by the May 1 turnover. "I'm going to do my very best to give Mike the best transition possible," he said.

Lawless said he was really excited about his future duties and wanted to get in as much learning as possible by the time he steps into office. "It's a matter of getting used to the methods. I worked [in the office] all summer so I have the logistics down already," he said.

Lawless said working with Braun would not be awkward, despite having defeated the current president in the recent USC presidential election. "[It] could be if it were someone else, but not with Dave."

He also said that he will be looking forward to the results of the Listening Tour, but added that council should be careful about how they go about carrying it out. "The tour should take care into making sure no one is left out. I know that it's going to be done in a detailed fashion and the potential implications coming out of this are going to be fantastic," he said.

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