Volume 94, Issue 82

Tuesday, February 27, 2001


Admin proposes huge tuition hikes

Huron prez election still unofficial

USC Listening tour now Sinal's bag too

U of T law students on trial for bending truth

Original pranksters infuriate the 5-0


Original pranksters infuriate the 5-0

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

A Western student faces criminal charges after playing "doctor" with one of the university's computers.

On a Feb. 9, the University Police Department were told a student had been seen tampering with a computer in one of the university's computer labs, Const. Wendy McGowan explained. Further investigation revealed that on Feb. 3, a student had removed a component from a computer and replaced it with an inferior component.

According to McGowan, the student has now been charged with mischief and will be soon appearing before the court for trial and possible sentencing. McGowan said she hopes this will discourage future abuse of university property. "I hope this sends a message to students and those off-campus that this will not be tolerated."

Reading Week was predominately quiet with only a few minor incidents, McGowan said. On Feb. 18, a vehicle near the Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence parking lot struck a pole and suffered minor damage.

Also reported during the week, a suspicious person was seen walking around the third floor of the Social Sciences Centre and one of the vending machines in Thames Hall was damaged.

On Feb. 24, a vehicle parked in front of University College had its window smashed, and on Feb. 26 an automobile rolled out of its parking space near TD Waterhouse Stadium and struck another car causing minor damage, she added.

London Police were forced to deal with a prank caller pestering local 911 operators this past two weeks. According to Const. Ryan Holland, beginning Feb. 7, police received four calls reporting an injured child, a vehicular accident, an injured police officer, and finally a break and enter which all turned out to be false alarms. In all four cases police and emergency units responded to find no evidence of the reported incidents.

Police were able to trace the phone calls to a cell phone and arrested London resident Todd Herbert, 33, and charged him with four counts of conveying false information with intent to alarm.

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