Volume 94, Issue 83

Wednesday, February 28, 2001


Letters to the Editor

A student's guide to screwing up and loving it

Letters to the Editor

Jack Hannah wannabe talks about squirrels and birds, but no bees

To the Editor:

I was treated to an incredible display of nature Monday. As I walked from Middlesex College to the Talbot parking lot, I was halted by a Peregrine falcon.

The bird flew right past my head and perched on a branch a few metres from me. The bird stole its perch from an unsuspecting squirrel, who let out the squirrel equivalent of a scream and ran to another branch.

As I stood there and surveyed the magnificent creature, I noticed that the squirrel too, was watching intently. I began to wonder what the squirrel might have been thinking. I'm sure that it must have been upset at being startled from its branch by a rude bird.

To see it staring at the falcon, almost contemptuously, made me wonder about Mother Nature. Do we really understand the habits of the wild? I don't think so.

The falcon looked at me for a few minutes before lifting off. I mean it really looked at me – through me, almost. Its eyes shone iridescent and its head was cocked, as if to understand me. The wind blew through the trees and shook the branches, but not a single feather on the bird twitched.

I instantly fell in love with the bird's ability to control itself. I am jealous that a creature has such freedom and has proven itself capable of handling that freedom. I only wish the moment had lasted a bit longer. In less than three minutes, it was rested and off it flew, wings twice as wide as its length.

I looked back to where the squirrel had been. It too was gone, and I bet it was also jealous of the falcon. It was a very humbling experience and I decided then and there, that there is more to an education than books, computers and professors.

University won't teach you this stuff, you have to experience it yourself. Keep your eyes open on campus, you might see this bird as well. Very cool!

Jonah Walton
Social Science I

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