Volume 94, Issue 75

Tuesday, February 6, 2001


Editorial Board 2000-2001

Grab your earplugs!

Editorial Cartoon

Grab your earplugs!

Five, four, three, two, one – KABOOM!

For those of you who missed the implosion of the Via Rail station early Sunday morning, be it because you were out of town, or because you received far too much charity from Saturday night's Charity Ball, you missed some serious destruction.

After the dust settled and memories of the old station began to be swept away, we had a chance to reflect not on what had been done, but what could be done. So looking around London and within our own Western community, we've decided some other structures that should receive the same treatment as the once mighty Via Station – bring on the dynamite.

The London TNT warehouse – all you'd have to do is turn the lights off and send the coyote in with a match. He'll strike it for light and, well, the cartoon writes itself.

The little parking service toll booths – to reinstate the first-come-first-serve policy that seems to be instilled in all other parts of this campus and also because they won't even let you in to pick up someone who is standing right there.

The University Dr. bridge – so that Western could officially become an island university and the river around the premises could be filled with alligators, piranhas and rabid Carneys.

The Corn Tribute – those stalks of corn, or as the Indians say 'maize,' that grow outside near the Natural Sciences building because no one ever harvests it or allows old fashioned corn roasts to take place on campus.

The MacIntosh Gallery – mostly because we know there would no casualties in the blast. We'd like to see the abstract pieces of metal known as 'Rusty' and 'Junk' currently on the Concrete Beach come shattering to the earth as well.

East of Adelaide – this would be a prime London location that could be destroyed by explosives, but upon further investigation we realized that the area was blown up a long time ago.

Centre Spotf – because its been blowing holes in student's wallets since its inception. You want how much for a sandwich with a snooty French name?

Every Dundas 2 bus – they deserve the TNT treatment as they don't even slow down as they drive by, leaving students out in the cold with five minutes till nine o'clock class because they are too 'full.'

Student ghettos – impossible (please refer to E.O.A theory for reasoning).

Delaware Hall – because anything shaped like an 'X' is just asking to be a target to get something dropped on it from above.

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