Volume 94, Issue 75

Tuesday, February 6, 2001


Letters to the Editor

The Student Code of Conduct for dummies

Letters to the Editor

What the #@*%?!

Re: Down with the Reds! Up with big words! Feb. 1.

To the Editor:

Nothing, other than coffee, gives me my morning rush more than pedantic bickering between a communist and a capitalist.

Comrade Marxist: Communism killed millions, didn't let the people participate in government, and was awful for the environment. For more on why communism was bad refer to the Feb. 1 Gazette.

Mr. Capitalist: Capitalism may allow me to pursue my, uh, star. However, a 12-year-old working in an Indonesian sweatshop may beg to differ. Capitalism is not synonymous with democracy. General Pinochet proved that point. Capitalism also has a hand in pillaging the environment.

The point of this little diatribe is that both capitalism and communism have done awful things. Perhaps it is because they are just the flip sides of the same materialist coin – they both preach that the accumulation of material goods leads to happiness.

If my choices are limited to "Godless communism" or "soul-free capitalism," then pass the Prozac and get ready for a daring daylight robbery of Fort Knox on elephantback.

And yes, it is ironic that this letter is pedantic as well.

Gwilym David Blunt
Honours History/Political Science II

USC needs Girl Power ASAP

Re: Prez race begins, Jan. 31.

To the Editor:

As presidential elections arrive again, the University Students' Council finds itself for the second year in a row without a female candidate, leaving me to wonder about the lack of gender diversity among the presidential hopefuls.

When asked during yesterday's forum to provide explanations for this occurrence, what was the overall response?

They have no idea.

Tim Shortill's leadership conference for women is a step in the right direction, but the other presidential hopefuls mis-stepped when they arrived for the forum unprepared to address the issue of women in governance.

When our candidates admit that they have no idea what women at Western are thinking, they are demonstrating that they are out of touch with over half of their constituency. For a student government that is so often accused of being removed from the concerns of students, discussing the concerns of women should be of paramount importance.

As Dave Braun so artfully pointed out, this phenomenon is not unique to Western alone. In universities across the country, women are conspicuously absent from the most powerful positions. Perhaps this should suggest to critical thinkers something a little stronger than coincidence.

Most of our esteemed student leaders can't seem to even identify the problem, let alone be proactive in finding a solution. Maybe I, as a member of the "female race," could give them a bit of direction: Let's have less talk of "macking with chicks" from our candidates, and more talk about how to foster an environment that's friendly for female leadership.

Nicole Nelson
Scholar's Electives II

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