Volume 94, Issue 75

Tuesday, February 6, 2001


Letters to the Editor

The Student Code of Conduct for dummies

The Student Code of Conduct for dummies

By Hisham Safieddine
News Intern

As you are lying on your second-hand couch in residence watching your frosh week video tape for the 11th time, Western's new Big Brother, the Student Code of Conduct, is knocking at your door. But are you ready?

For now, you can ignore its presence. But once the code is ratified, its words are to be heeded and its decrees respected. Otherwise, you shall find yourself knocking at another university's doors with a tainted ego and transcript record looking for a new haven in this crazy world.

The Student Code of Conduct is a legal document outlining the rules and regulations governing student life and actions.

The good news is, unlike your parents whom you could not choose, the student code delineation is still in its embroynic stage and your voice can make a difference.

The bad news is, time is running out. The ad hoc committee created by Senate to relay any proposals by students to amend provisions of the code will be shutting its doors to recommendations on Feb. 9. And at this time of year, you're probably too busy studying for post-reading week exams.

Besides, reading the code can be time consuming, extremely boring, and at times scary. In fact, as I painstakingly scrutinized the latest draft of the code posted on the web, visions of the Spanish Inquisition haunted me for the rest of the day.

There I was – confused, ignorant, alone with sweaty palms, dishevelled hair, and the incriminating weapon in my hand – a punctured water balloon I "accidentally" threw at a rez window. Facing me sat the adjudicating committee. Venerable and wise men and women, faculty and community members, staring at me and holding their thick spectacles in one hand and a copy of the sacred code in the other. (A mysterious motto inscribed on the front page of the document said: For every rule that you broke, Thou shalt be burned at The Spoke).

Tto provide you with an inkling of what this is all about, here is the student code as I see it in a nutshell: You don't have the right to remain silent; anything you say, wear, or erect on campus, off campus, or above campus(the sky is no limit for our dear Big Brother) might be used against you. You have no right for legal counsel and whether or not you can afford one is irrelevant .

So, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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