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Wednesday, February 7, 2001


The worst film ever made - Head Over Heels takes the cake

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The worst film ever made - Head Over Heels takes the cake

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WHOA! WAIT A MINUTE, I'M NOT JOEY LAWRENCE. Freddie Prinz Jr. fails to hide how stupid he really is in a scene from the waste of celluloid called Head Over Heels.

By Adam Bailey
Gazette Staff

Quite possibly the worst movie in creation, Head Over Heels is further evidence of the idiocy that inhabits Hollywood boardrooms.

Failing to successfully fuse the formulaic romantic comedy premise with goofy violence and lewd toilet humor la There's Something About Mary, Head Over Heels is the agonizingly boring and ridiculous story of Amanda Price, a young art restorer who looks for love in all the wrong places – with not so hilarious results.

Set in Manhattan, the story unfolds as Amanda (Monica Potter) moves into an apartment with four kooky supermodel roommates (Shalom Harlow, Ivana Milicevic, Sarah O'Hare and Tomiko Fraser). Before long, Amanda finds herself in love with Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze Jr.), a debonair fashion consultant whose apartment is in plain view of Amanda's. But before the two even go on a date, things go wrong.

While covertly peeping into Jim's apartment, Amanda witnesses someone murder a young girl. Positive that Jim is the murderer, Amanda contacts the police. After a random patrolman checks under a few rugs and opens a few drawers, the case is closed for lack of evidence.

Convinced of Jim's guilt, Amanda and the models launch their own investigation. The resulting series of events is so sporadic and random it boggles the mind. From exploding toilets and drag queens to Russian knife fights, this film gets more annoying and unbelievable as time goes on.

Painfully written, directed and acted, Head Over Heels displays the worst use of humor since Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop. Mixing cheesy one-liners with gross-out booger-comedy and "hilarious" racial and cultural stereotypes is a concept that never should have been scripted, let alone produced.

Newcomer Mark S. Waters did his best at directing, but his stint in Hollywood will be short lived if he keeps attaching his name to such ludicrous projects as this one.

A few funny characters might have saved the film, but unfortunately, it was not to be. Nearly every character is predictable and boring, not to mention poorly acted. Monica Potter's rendition of Amanda as a stuttering and nervous "real woman with a real job" is clearly her first attempt at comedy, while Freddie Prinze Jr. delivers his usual vomit-inducing cute guy routine as Jim. The supermodels are played by two-bit actresses who (unsurprisingly) muster two-bit performances.

A poorly written script, directed by an inexperienced director, and hideously acted Head Over Heels is a film critic's gold mine.

The cast and crew would have been well advised to stay away from this script, and so should you. But if forced to see this film, take a few sarcastic and witty friends to tear it apart with you – that's where the real laughs will come in.

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