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Wednesday, February 7, 2001


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A girl's guide to getting with Andy

A girl's guide to getting with Andy

By Rebecca Morier
A&E Editor

Hey ladies – looking for the ever elusive "perfect partner"?

Who isn't? With Valentine's Day just a week away, most of us are either in search of a match or looking at that special someone and wondering whether he really is "the one."

But how do you know if your boyfriend really is your soul mate or merely the first guy you met during frosh week?

Like most young women, I have endured some pleasant romantic experiences as well as ones I would rather forget. However, unlike most young women, I know I've met the man of my dreams. But who am I to hold out on everyone about the secrets of love?

Therefore, based on my vast knowledge, I've compiled a guide to determine if you have been as lucky as myself in tracking down the perfect mate:

1. He is there for you in your time of need.

Andy, my significant other, is always there for me when I need him, like when my grandfather died. Even though we were split up at the time, Andy stepped in and reminded me that I shouldn't have to be alone at such a painful time, and insisted that he take care of matters surrounding my inheritance. I knew that dealing with a large sum of money was the last thing I needed at that moment and, luckily for me, so did Andy.

2. He is completely honest.

Honesty is the cornerstone of any relationship, and lies are something I never have to worry about with Andy. For example, when Andy and I moved in together, I became frustrated when he would always eat all the food I had bought. I realized just how selfish I was when I brought it up one evening over dessert.

Looking into my eyes lovingly he confessed, "Honey, I have to be honest and tell you that you're getting a little chubby, which is why, for your sake, I've been eating your food. Here, let me finish that cheesecake for you."

Isn't he the sweetest? If it wasn't for Andy's honesty, I'd still be that selfish glutton.

3. He likes your friends and family, and vice-versa.

Although Andy is shy about it, he holds the deepest respect for my family and friends. One time, I overheard him talking to his pal about how much he likes those with whom he shares my heart. I heard him make such affectionate remarks as "Her girlfriends are her greatest asset" and "I thought her sister was hot until I checked out her mom!"

When I bragged to my friends about what I had heard, they told me he was a two-faced creep, but I know them well enough to sense their jealousy in that I have found such a perfect guy like Andy.

There is no question about it – Andy is my one true love. I believe that most men have a chance at romantic perfection like Andy, but I don't think it's healthy that a woman be fooled by thinking her partner is something he's not.

If you've read my criteria for the perfect partner and are disappointed with the results, don't fret – one day we will all find our own Prince Andy.

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