Volume 94, Issue 76

Wednesday, February 7, 2001


USC prez suitors enter the clubhouse

UBC engineers under fire for prank

Frosh issues come up at Elgin forum

Deadly virus could hit London, health officer warns

Greenall says he's not so green

Tribal council gives their two cents

Prez candidates invade cyber-space

Planet Me

USC prez suitors enter the clubhouse

By Sarah Lasch & Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Western clubs united in the McKellar Room yesterday afternoon to question the University Students' Council presidential hopefuls.

Chris Sinal, VP-student affairs and chair of the clubs policy committee, expressed his concerns about the USC balancing the risks and benefits of clubs, in both legal and financial terms.

Second-year psychology student Ryan Windsor said he agreed with the risk and responsibility involved with overseeing clubs. "If the clubs behave badly, it reflects badly on the USC, so we should promote responsibility," he said. "Communication is very important as well as communication of expectations of behaviour."

Third-year political science and economics student Josh Morgan discussed problems during clubs week. "Contracts had been signed [with Imaginus] but if I had been there, I would have made sure it was avoided," he said.

Mike Lawless, a third-year history student, said the role of the USC must be as an overseer. "We are the USC and so are the clubs. Things need to be kept in order, but they need to be done in a less dictatorial way," he said. "It's a matter of people skills and working directly with the club."

First-year social science student Tin Maung Htoo said he would look at the policy and figure out whether the USC could provide more funding for clubs.

"We should be trying to make it easier for clubs to make more money," said Geoff Greenall, a first-year political science student. He said he would have waved the fees paid by clubs for tables to show the USC cared.

Dave Braun, a third-year political science student, agreed on providing clubs with the $2,500 for table rentals during clubs week. "However, I think the insurance fees that clubs pay should stay there because there are a lot of clubs," he said.

Sinal followed up his first question by asking if the candidates had spoken to him or anyone on the council about club policy and if not, how did they know about it.

Windsor was apologetic when he said that although he had spoken with Sinal about numerous things he had not gotten the chance to speak to him about club policy yet. "It's very hard to get to everything at once."

Morgan brought up the fact that one of his campaign managers was in fact one of the clubs commissioners for the USC and had been instrumental in developing the clubs aspect of his platform.

Htoo said he had not spoken to anyone about the club policy and that he did not know about it. " But now I will and now I am involved," he said. Braun talked about some of the initiatives taken by Sinal this year to amend the new clubs policy and added although the rules were not perfect, it was still a great step for the program as a whole.

Fourth-year political science student Tim Shortill was unable to attend the forum due to academic reasons.

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