Volume 94, Issue 76

Wednesday, February 7, 2001


USC prez suitors enter the clubhouse

UBC engineers under fire for prank

Frosh issues come up at Elgin forum

Deadly virus could hit London, health officer warns

Greenall says he's not so green

Tribal council gives their two cents

Prez candidates invade cyber-space

Planet Me

Tribal council gives their two cents

The Gazette Tribal Council has gathered once again around the fire to discuss their views on the University Students' Council presidential election. This time our panel was asked who they feel are the front-runners and explain what those trailing need to do to catch up.

Neil Kapoor – Chair of Student Caucus on Governance

The forums have seen Mike Lawless show the most glimpses of real brilliance and passion, but Tim Shortill has been consistently intelligent and entertaining. Morgan looks to be finally getting his self-confidence, but is it too late?

Surprisingly, Dave Braun is hanging on, despite all the nay-sayers. However, the criticism to date has largely reverted back to Braun 2000.

To the other guys – I'm sorry but this is not your year. In the words of Albert Einstein "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted," so don't despair.

Ryan Heney – Arts Faculty Councillor

Thus far, Mike Lawless appears to be leading. He has the strongest campaign team and seems to have remained the coolest under fire. As for the others, here's what I feel they need to do to catch up:

Shortill – Be a little more aggressive. Nice guys finish last.

Htoo – Get some literature out there. Get your Web site up and running.

Morgan – You have something to say, but nobody seems to be hearing it. Make your campaigning broader and louder.

Windsor – Keep confronting the other candidates. You're not going to win, but you're asking some good questions.

Greenall – You have nothing to say and you're not doing a good job saying it.

Braun (a.k.a. "Stone Cold" Braun 2001) – Stop yelling, you're scaring people.

All of the candidates – Make yourselves more visible. Don't leave all the dirty work to your campaign teams.

Leslie Tummonds – Science Faculty Councillor

So far I see two candidates far ahead of the others. Mike Lawless has been impressive thus far in his performance. He is very well spoken and researched, which is reflected in his intelligent answers.

Tim Shortill is the other candidate who has impressed me – he too is well researched and outspoken. His comedic interjections seem to be a crowd pleaser, which I find surprising considering the serious nature that most of the forums have taken.

The other candidates have a lot to do. Dave Braun has personally scared me off with his campaign. Josh Morgan needs to speak up and make himself heard. The other three candidates seem to lack a lot of research into the implementation of their campaign platforms.

Michael Rubinoff – Law Students' Council President, former member of the Board of Governors

I thought they all performed well at the USC forum, but no leader has emerged at this point.

I would like to applaud Mr. Greenall, Mr. Lawless and Mr. Windsor for taking a definitive stand on USC fees and suggesting they should or could be reduced. While the USC president urges the administration to freeze or cut tuition, they usually fail to lead by example and urge their own council to freeze or reduce USC fees.

The candidates have also failed to address issues that face professional students and specifically how they will ensure significant investments by the university in professional programs as a result of high tuition fees paid by those students.

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