Volume 94, Issue 76

Wednesday, February 7, 2001


USC prez suitors enter the clubhouse

UBC engineers under fire for prank

Frosh issues come up at Elgin forum

Deadly virus could hit London, health officer warns

Greenall says he's not so green

Tribal council gives their two cents

Prez candidates invade cyber-space

Planet Me

Prez candidates invade cyber-space

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The battle for the University Students' Council presidency has reached cyber-space, though some candidates seem reluctant to get with the World Wide Web.

In addition to TV Western commercials, posters, rave cards and bag tags, presidential candidates for the last few years have taken to the Web to build their own political niches in cyber-space. This year's batch offers a mixed bag of technological genius, as The Gazette found out when we rated each candidate's Web page.

Dave Braun – While Braun lists his web page at www.davebraun.ca, it doesn't seem to exist.

Geoff Greenall – Greenall's Web site offers a variety of options including information on Greenall, his platform, his campaign and special events he hopes to hold throughout the campaign. While his extensive use of the colour green is questionable, his site is straightforward, simple and fairly informative. Sadly, the most interesting part of his site – a presidential poll– was taken down after suspicious abuse by various campaign teams.

Tin Maung Htoo – No web site listed.

Mike Lawless – Following the Andy Kaufman theme of his campaign, Lawless' site also provides plenty of interesting links – including one to his TV commercial, and some of his favourite on-line Java games. The requisite personal and campaign information can also be found, but don't miss the chance to discover your true Wu Tang Clan name.

Josh Morgan – Morgan's site is certainly the flashiest and loudest of the candidate Web sites. After the pizzazz of the introduction, Morgan offers both long and short versions of his platform, personal info and a forum schedule. A nice balance of style and substance.

Tim Shortill – Shortill's home page offers extensive information mixed with splashy graphics. If you've got the time to read it all, Shortill provides a wealth of background and campaign promises, though the soon-to-come "rejected ideas" should be interesting.

Ryan Windsor – An advisory on this page states it is under construction and we can only hope, for Windsor's sake, the improvements are coming soon. At the moment the site offers headings with no actual information.

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