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Thursday, February 8, 2001


Candidates talk diversity - Prez hopefuls discuss culture at Essex

Three candidates fined for infractions

Ebola scare turns out to be a false alarm

Careleton University to avert TA strike

Braun wants USC continuity

Commercials aim for the funny bone


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Candidates talk diversity - Prez hopefuls discuss culture at Essex

By Lindsay Mattick & Leena Kamat
Gazette Staff

Last night's University Students' Council presidential forum at Essex Hall residence saw all seven candidates tackling the issue of ethnic diversity on campus.

The eighth forum focused on topics such as equity and diversity at Western. When faced with the question how the candidates would improve awareness of these issues in residences, a diverse pool of responses were given.

"We could help residence councils raise money to help promote diversity on campus," said Dave Braun, a third-year political science student.

"I know at [Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence], there was a Mexican food night," said Geoff Greenall, a first-year political science student. "I know it won't solve the problem, but if we could have more of those nights, it would help," he said, adding this should be a joint effort between residence cafeterias and residence councils.

Tin Maung Htoo, a first-year social science student, said the USC should improve the information given to students concerning ethnicity and diversity issues. "We should promote diversity on campus," he said.

"I think the USC can play a large role by working with cultural clubs and residence councils to promote diversity," said third-year history student Mike Lawless.

Lawless cited King's College Council's creation of an international students' councillor portfolio as an example of what can be done to help bridge the gap.

Third-year political science and economics student, Josh Morgan, said the USC cultural club events showcased during the year in the University Community Centre Atrium, should also be promoted at the residences. "We can have a mini cultural caravan within residences," he said.

Fourth-year political science student Tim Shortill cited one problem with cultural events at residences lies in the area of promotion. Students need to know these cultural events are supported by the USC as well as the Housing and Food Services department at Western, he said.

"One way of doing this is by ensuring the USC logo appears on posters advertising these events," Shortill said.

Ryan Windsor, a second-year psychology student, proposed creating a Cultural Minister who promotes different groups on campus. "The person would be responsible for running info booths available to students," he said.

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