Volume 94, Issue 77

Thursday, February 8, 2001


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Three candidates fined for infractions

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Three candidates fined for infractions

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

To the dismay of three of this year's presidential candidates, the University Students' Council elections committee has put their foot down on campaign violations.

According to Jordan Glick, the USC deputy returning officer, incumbent Dave Braun was given six demerit points and fined $36 for displaying his campaign shirt while making his "state of the USC" address to council on January 17.

The committee felt Braun did not mean to campaign when he announced that he wanted to run for re-election, Glick said.

"We felt that he was being sincere [when he said] that he was announcing his listening tour and making a joke," he said. The displaying of the t-shirt was considered campaigning by the committee and Braun was fined accordingly, he said.

In response, Braun said he did not wish to comment until he reviews by-law #2, which sets out election rules, as well as the exact wording of his violation ruling.

The elections committee also doled out fines to second-year psychology student Ryan Windsor, and first-year political science student Geoff Greenall, Glick said. Windsor was given eight demerit points and fined $48 for improper distribution of campaign material, after leaving campaign flyers by a cash register at the Spoke.

Greenall received a penalty of five demerit points and a $30 fine for displaying campaign posters in the University Community Centre Atrium.

Windsor, said he was angered by the elections committee's decision. "The USC is not going to tax me. They won't get a dime," he said. "And if they want to kick me out of the campaign, it would just show what an elitist pack of wolves they are."

Greenall said he too was disappointed because he felt he was being unfairly punished. He said many other candidates have displayed unauthorized posters and should be punished accordingly.

"I'm very upset with this," he said. "There have been other violations and I want to see if everyone else gets treated fairly."

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