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Thursday, February 8, 2001


Candidates talk diversity - Prez hopefuls discuss culture at Essex

Three candidates fined for infractions

Ebola scare turns out to be a false alarm

Careleton University to avert TA strike

Braun wants USC continuity

Commercials aim for the funny bone


Planet Me

Braun wants USC continuity

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

According to incumbent candidate Dave Braun, he is seeking a second term as University Students' Council president for all the right reasons.

"There's so much left to do," he said. "This year [stability] is more critical than ever. We've had a complete change in senior management. Now that [USC general manager] Mark [Sellars] has arrived, it's time to move ahead full speed. That's not a line, it's the truth."

Ensuring stability while a new USC general manager settles into the job is the foundation of a campaign built on past success and an eye to the future. "I was there and I will be there," he said, speaking of his record this year, including success involving the BookStore, Orientation Week and the establishment of a USC Food Bank. "I truly have more energy than when I started. I have the knowledge and experience to truly move us forward in a positive way."

One of the cornerstones of Braun's plan to move forward is the addition of commissioners-at-large to the portfolios of each USC vice-president. "We have the best commissioner system in Canada, [but] the VPs don't have the flexibility to do what they need. We need to allow the president and VPs the freedom to put new ideas on their agenda."

Dave Braun is one of seven candidates vying for the USC's presidential office next year.

Braun's plan also includes expanding the USC's involvement in Campus Advantage, an organization made up of several university councils which aims help save students' money. "Campus Advantage has the power of 100,000 students. This will get students the best deal on cell phones, the best products and the best savings."

TV Western is also a priority for Braun, something he said must be repaired, not terminated. "Mend it, don't end it," he said, adding more resources are needed to ensure TV Western can effectively communicate with students and fulfill its potential.

Instituting these ideas would take strong leadership, he said, adding he can provide such leadership. "I'm a strong leader. I have the ability to lead others and inspire confidence in others and I'm still more optimistic than I've ever been," he said. "I effectively communicate with different groups around campus, with administration and with different levels of government."

Still, he admits, council could have done a better job of communicating with students. "I think in the past we haven't done a good job of communicating with students. We need to do more."

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