Volume 94, Issue 77

Thursday, February 8, 2001


Candidates talk diversity - Prez hopefuls discuss culture at Essex

Three candidates fined for infractions

Ebola scare turns out to be a false alarm

Careleton University to avert TA strike

Braun wants USC continuity

Commercials aim for the funny bone


Planet Me

Commercials aim for the funny bone

By Matt Pearson
Gazette Staff

As the University Students' Council presidential election begins its final descent, passersby in the University Community Centre are catching glimpses of the candidates by way of their sometimes informative, sometimes irreverent one minute commercials, produced with the help of TV Western.

The Gazette looked for originality, presentation of platform and overall aesthetics in evaluating the ads.

Ryan Windsor – Although Windsor speaks directly to the camera, the crooked sign holder in the background distracts his viewers, whom he encourages to "do the right thing." Unfortunately, his commercial lacks any explanation of how that involves him.

Tim Shortill – Shortill's commercial catches him shaking his bootie all over campus, while crawlers along the bottom of the screen highlight his experience and ideas. It's a funny, self-deprecating commercial for Shortill, whose competition clearly "Can't Touch This".

Josh Morgan – Dressed in a suit, Morgan tricks viewers, who may think he's going to be serious. He and his cronies gallivant across campus, introducing themselves to first-year students and tattooing Morgan's name on their foreheads.

Tin Maung Htoo – No points for creativity here. Tin looks directly into the lens of the camera and speaks in a voice just shy of inaudible. When he's not looking at the camera, he's looking at his notes, which doesn't exactly scream confidence.

Mike Lawless – In keeping with his 'Man on the Moon' theme, Lawless turns in a convincing Andy Kaufman impersonation. Shot in black and white, the commercial also uses crawlers along the bottom of the screen to plug his platform.

Geoff Greenall – Greenall speaks directly to the camera, highlighting his campaign goals. However, his lack of polish is the commercial's major failing as Greenall frequently stumbles over his words and ideas.

Dave Braun – Despite some slow spots and a hokey basketball theme, Braun's ad displays some originality and a sense of humour. One question remains – how carefully did he read that "How To Be A Good President" manual?

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