Volume 94, Issue 77

Thursday, February 8, 2001


Clarkson proves her mettle

Pursuing the right shoe for you

Balls, pucks and press

Balls, pucks and press

By John Dinner
Sports columnist

It's been a couple of weeks since Eat This had anything substantial to say (OK, I've never had anything substantial to say), but with so much happening right now in the world of sports, I felt it necessary to touch on a number of subjects.

First is my growing dissatisfaction with the "professional" sports media. These guys are complete and total idiots. They waste time writing stories about rumours and speculation like Rob Blake being traded to Toronto, Detroit, St. Louis and just about every other National Hockey League team, when they really have no frigin' clue.

Then these very same professionals go about glorifying Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. All of this comes one year after being involved in an incident that left two dead. This guy was on every sports highlight reel and deemed a true talent, when all he is, is a true thug and criminal.

People seemed to have forgotten that this guy killed those two men outside an Atlanta nightclub, but what the hell, he's a damn good football player. The widow, a fatherless child and two families suffering a great loss don't matter.

Finally, it's these idiots that are turning blue in the face ripping Vince McMahon's XFL because it's not true sport. It's going to be scripted, it's going to be violent, and oh yeah, their cheerleaders aren't cheerleaders at all – they're strippers. What's interesting to note is that this is essentially what professional sports has become. It's just that the XFL doesn't hide behind a cloak of self righteousness.

More hockey...As mentioned above, the Rob Blake sweepstakes have gotten out of hand. Everyone knows that whoever he goes to will become instant Stanley Cup contenders. Nothing would please me more than to have the issue remain silent until the trade actually happens.

Staying with hockey, the All-Star game took place this past weekend and was a great showcase for the NHL's offensive talent. Problem was though, that you couldn't tell who was on the ice except for maybe big number 66, Mario Lemieux, since the jerseys worn during the game were not television friendly. Their numbers were the same colour as the jerseys themselves, and the European sweaters had the names printed along the bottom.

In a league struggling for an identity, Sunday afternoon was an excellent opportunity to show off some of those personalities. Unfortunately, the NHL showed its lack of foresight and missed out on a opportunity to really promote players other than Mario.

And finally...It became known this week that Western's chair of athletics, Dr. Darwin Semotiuk, is stepping down after 18 years of exceptional service to Western athletics and the university in general. Whoever tries to fill his shoes has a very big job, and really shouldn't try to replace the man, but continue his legacy of success.

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