Volume 94, Issue 78

Friday, February 9, 2001


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Ex-Killjoy member goes solo

Ex-Killjoy member goes solo

Mike Trebilcock
Shield Millions
Jolleycut Records

A Canadian has escaped from the Killjoys – it's Mike Trebilcock, and on he is on own, writing, producing and performing new music.

Formerly with Canadian rock group the Killjoys, Trebilcock has written a creative collection of catchy tunes and his album houses a mix of pop, rock and a tid-bit of new country sounds. One can just listen to this music and chill, and possibly have the urge to break out the old lighter.

"Stark Raving Glad" is a wonderful pop tune, which could easily make its way into the lyric memory of the human brain. One of the great things about this album is that the songs are short and sweet, and they are enjoyed for their lyrics and not an over-played chorus, like we hear all too often in modern music.

"This Side of Human" is a dark, self-reflecting song, wonderfully written and it remains an absolutely perfect example of Trebilcock's lyrical talent. The album possesses something for everyone. For the fun and happy sort, take a listen to "Shut Us Up (And Make Us Smile)."

The new country beat comes out in "Snow Angel Blues," a song destined to become one of those songs frequently requested from your guitar playing friend. Just remember, Trebilcock also includes the violin and banjo.

Right out of the KIA commercial comes the "Ya-HEEE" beat of "Dog Hill." Being the only song not written by Trebilcock, this track is an amazing, eclectic swarm of instruments and beats that compel someone to kick up their heels.

This is an album one hopes for in the modern world of boy-bands and lyrics out of a Full House episode. Shield Millions is a great album and should be welcomed into music collections with open arms (and ears).

Despite the slight 'hick' factor, Shield Millions should still make its way on to your CD rack.

–Kyle Kofsky

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