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Friday, February 9, 2001


Candidates on the defensive at forum

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Candidates on the defensive at forum

By Lindsay Mattick and Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Yesterday's University Students' Council presidential forum in the University Community Centre presented the survivors with a daunting challenge – outwit the media.

Representatives from 94.7 CHRW, TV Western and The Gazette fired questions at the contenders.

Incumbent Dave Braun, a third-year political science student, was asked to account for his record as president.

"I'm the last guy that needs to prove his record," he said, adding his approach has changed greatly from his last run at the presidency. "I'm not running to be the president– I am the president."

Media members also questioned Braun's claim that the USC needed stability from year to year. Braun has argued a second term is needed to ensure continuity, while new USC general manager Mark Sellars has said stability is not of chief concern.

"I don't think the sky is going to fall if I'm not president again, but I think it's going to help," he said.

Tin Maung Htoo, a first-year social science student, was asked if he understood the difficulty of unifying the student movement in Canada.

While he admitted amalgamating the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and the Canadian Federation of Students would be difficult, he said it should remain a priority. "We have to collaborate with other student unions."

Htoo was also asked to account for his admitted lack of experience on campus. "I have a limited knowledge of campus issues, but I can learn by doing," he said.

Mike Lawless, a third-year history student, defended his record in student politics against charges it was predominantly affiliate-focused. "I've had experience at King's as president of the student council there, but also with the USC," he said. "I see the affiliates as part of the same Western community."

Third-year political science and economics student Josh Morgan was asked why he waited until late in the campaign to display passion and energy.

"Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am – the passion was always there, it's just more visible now," he said. "I am passionate about my ideas, and I have been working on the problem [of not speaking well]," he said.

Tim Shortill, a fourth-year political science student, was asked how much research he had done into some of his bigger platform ideas including creating a Dean of Students position.

"I haven't done the research, but there is no reason why Western shouldn't have a Dean of Students," he said. "We all know there is a lot of money hidden in that university budget."

First-year political science student Geoff Greenall and second-year psychology student Ryan Windsor did not participate in the forum.

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